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Cultural Studies
Sociology Sites (A Selection)   Suggest a Link
(For Individual Sociologists, See
General Sociology Resources
Dead Sociologists' Society
Homepage (Larry R. Ridener, Radford U.)
Dead Sociologists Gallery 
Dead Sociologists Index 
Information about Internet Resources in Social Theory, Organisation and Technology (STOT) (Olaf Boettger, Keele U., UK)
International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam ("world's largest documentary and research institutions in the field of social history in general and the history of the labour movement in particular")
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Sociology (U. Waterloo)
Larry R. Ridener (Radford U.), Social Theory (course site that includes substantial excerpts from many online texts)
Social Science Information Gateway (Inst. for Research and Learning Technology, U. Bristol)
Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library (T. Matthew Ciolek, Australian National U.)
The Social Science Research Engine (Cindy Alvarez, Harvard U.)
Society for Social Research Page
Homepage (student-maintained page of the U. Chicago Sociology Dept.; includes extensive archive of summaries of major sociological theorists)
Classical Sociology Theory 
Formal Organizations 
Political Sociology 
Population / Family / Gender 
Social Change 
Social Stratification 
Sociology of Culture 
Urban and Ethnic 
A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace (good set of links to sociology resources on the net) (Michael C. Kearl, Trinity U., Texas)
Sociology Links (Princeton U. Sociology Dept.)
Sociology Links (U. Sydney Sociology Dept.)
Sociology Page (includes links on sociology, cultural theory, postmodern culture, and Marx/Engels) (Patrick Macartney, U. Leeds)
Sociology Server (Andrew Miller, Boston U.)
SocioSite - Social Science Information System
Homepage of SocioSite (very extensive, well-organized site for sociology and sociology-related areas; many areas overlap with humanities disciplines; esp. useful for its blend of global and specifically European resources) (Albert Benschop / Sociological Institute, U. Amsterdam)
Data Archives 
Electronic Journals 
Expert Centers 
Mailing Lists 
Professional Associations 
Publishers & Bookstores 
Research Centers 
Sociology Courses 
Sociology Departments 
Subject Areas 
The SocioWeb: A Sociological Resource Center (Mark Blair)
Lytle Givens (Union U., Tennessee), History of Social Thought (course)
Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of Death (deep page of death-related resources, including datasets on death rates, accidents, etc.) (Michael C. Kearl, Trinity U., Texas)
Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of the Family (Michael C. Kearl, Trinity U., San Antonio, Texas)
Gary King (Harvard U.), A Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem (Preface and first chapter of a book published in 1997 by Princeton University Press that "presents a solution to the problem of inferring individual attributes from aggregate data, the first method of ecological inference that works in practic
Peter Kollock(UCLA), The Sociology of Cyberspace (course)
Rural Studies
Center for Rural Studies (U. Vermont)
Rural Society: A Quarterly Journal of Rural Social Issues (Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt U., Australia)
Leonardo Salamini and Jim Brazell (Bradley U.), The Sociology of Cyberspace (course)
The Times of Our Lives: Investigations into Socio-Chronology (page of links, commentary, and other resources related to research on "time and the revolutionary changes it has undergone [in] Western societies") (Michael C. Kearl, Trinity U., Texas)

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