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 •  My Boss is a "#!$#@!"
 •  Disgruntled: The Business Magazine for People who Work for a Living
Postindustrial Business Theory
Anti-Postindustrialism, Anti-Neocorporatism   Suggest a Link
Corporate Watch ("web site dedicated to helping build greater democratic control over transnational corporations at the local, national and international levels. . . . designed to provide you--every day Internet users, activists, journalists a
The Corporation (parody of corporate newsletters; sample: "Quality Control Employees should return PERIODICALLY for new assignments. Failure to return will result in termination and dreams involving your junior high teachers")
The Dilbert Zone (Scott Adams / United Feature Syndicate, Inc.)
Disgruntled: The Business Magazine for People who Work for a Living
Homepage ("magazine that combines news, feature, satire and commentary about the darker side of the world of work") (Daniel S. Levine, editor; Counterpoint Press, Inc.)
"A Call For A National Commission On Downsizing From The National Employee Rights Institute" 
Alan Downs, Corporate Executions: The Ugly Truth About Layoffs 
James Howard O'Leary, Tales of Corporate Horror (1992) (fiction)
Daniel S. Levine, A Conversation With Martin Sprouse, Author of Sabotage ("Published in 1992, Sabotage is a collection of anecdotes from American workers in all types of jobs who tell their stories of how they used sabotage to get even, bring about change, supplement their too-small salaries or just shatter the pa
Brian S. McWilliams, A Conversation With Bruce Tulgan, Author of Managing Generation X: Bringing out the Best in Young Talent 
Erika Schelby, A Bestiary for Business Adapted from the Fables of Aesop for Gentle Corporate Readers and Raiders: DOWNSIZING: An Aesop Fable Retold 
Don's Boss Page ("the only web site designed to protect those surfing the net from their workplaces or schools"; puts up an image of a spreadsheet in your browser window; tips on "stealth surfing," etc.)
"The Economy and Its Impact on the Religious Right" ("the great American middle class is furious. . . . Increasingly it sees its wealth and societal ethic under attack from both a globalist and multicultural Meritocracy above it, and an amoral and destructive Underclass below it&q
My Boss is a "#!$#@!"
Homepage ("Overworked? Underpaid? Stressed out? Had enough of the team, the mission, company values? Caught up in downsizing, rightsizing, optimizing?") (alotta.edu, Inc.)
Layoff Scoreboard 
Statistics of Pain (stats and definitions of "unemployed," "new entrants," "temporary layoffs," "reentrants," etc.)
Temp 24-7 (an online magazine and resource center for temp workers started in early 1998; the site has "attitude," as expressed in such features as "Temp Tales of Terror" and an interactive combat game named "Temps vs. Suits")
Working Today (non-profit worker advocacy group that provides moral and practical support for downsized, laid-off, independent, and other workers)

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