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Apollo 11 Moon Mission 
Ars Astronautica ("dedicated to developing a cultural dimension to humanity's space endeavors by exploring, reporting and nurturing the arts in and about space") (Arthur Woods / Leonardo)
Astronomy: Databases, Images and Surveys (Sergio Paoli / WWW Virtual Library)
Astronomy Picture of the Day ("Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer")
Canadian Space Agency 
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter (National Space Science Data Center)
Estes Model Rocket Catalog 
Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2 (Web page of the Astro-2 Shuttle mission; send questions to the astronauts in orbit)
The Face of Venus (FOV) Home Page 
The Galaxy Page (metapage of space-related resources) (U. Arizona)
Henrietta Leavitt Flat Screen Space Theater (virtual online planetarium) (Carolyn Collins Petersen)
Jet Propulsion Lab 
Leonardo Space Art Project ("aims to make visible the work of artists, writers, composers and others interested in the exploration of outer space")
Mars Pathfinder Mission (directory of links to multiple government and corporate mirror sites) (NASA/JPL)
NASA Home Page 
NASA Shuttle Web (new page for all shuttle missions; detailed, up-to-the-minute multimedia info during each flight)
Space History (NASA)
The Space Shuttle Clickable Map (Student Space Awareness, Inc.)
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service 
The Vatican Observatory ("one of the oldest astronomical institutes in the world") (Chris Corbally, S.J.)
Views Of The Solar System (educational tour of the solar system) (Calvin J. Hamilton)
Vultus Uraniae (page on astronomy, mythology, and other lore related to Urania; in Italian and English) (Pierluigi Battistini, Laura Peperoni, & Marina Zuccoli, U. Bologna, Italy)
West to Mars (collaborative site of art, essays, music, poetry, photography, and articles boosting the Mars exploration effort) (Ken Fair)

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