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Laws Of Cool
Tech Fetish (May Or May Not Overlap With Above)   Suggest a Link
The Anti-Computer Page (chosen for "Worst of the Web" list and proud of it)
Gravis Joystick Screwdriver Home Page 
Online Cameras ("Wanna see what other ignorant humans ore doing right now?") (Aurora Gory Avedis)
Paul's (Extra) Refrigerator (technical detail on the current temperature and other status of Paul's other refrigerator; includes extensive meta-technical detail on how the above information is monitored) (Paul Haas)
Nomadic Research Labs ("created by Steven K. Roberts, who has been a technomad for the past 13 years -- wandering 17,000 miles around the U.S. on various versions of a computerized recumbent bicycle known as Behemoth") (Faun Skyles)
Pages of Folks from Technomads ("technomads" are defined as nomadic people who carry major tech along with them; e.g., Steve Mann) (Kathy Bilton)
Recumbents and Technomadics (Kathy Bilton)
Wearable Computing (original VoS description: "Steve at MIT wears an online camera on his head; see what he sees: 'It's fun being a cyborg' "; site has now expanded into a general gateway to wearable computing resources) (Steve Mann)

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