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Selected Topics in Romanticism
The Gothic   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Romantic Readings of the Gothic
Homepage (Douglass Thomson, Georgia Southern U.)
Blake's Gothic Readings 
Byron's Gothic Readings 
Coleridge's Gothic Readings 
Keats' Gothic Readings 
Mary Shelley's Gothic Readings 
Percy Shelley's Gothic Readings 
Wordsworth's Gothic Readings 
The Gothic: Materials for Study
Homepage of The Gothic: Materials for Study (introductions and excerpts from primary and secondary texts relevant to the topic) (students in Jerome McGann and Patricia Meyer Spack's course on "The Novel of Sensibility" at U. Virginia)
Annotated Bibliography 
The Female Gothic 
From the Gothic Novel to Gothic Drama 
The Gothic and the Supernatural 
Individual and Social Psychologies of the Gothic 
The Literary Gothic Page (literary Gothicism of the 18th and 19th centuries; includes some resources in modern Gothic) (Jack G. Voller, Southern Illinois U. at Edwardsville)
The Sickly Taper: A Bibliography of Gothic Scholarship (Carol Margaret Davison, U. Windsor; site originally created by Fred Frank, Allegheny C.)
Novels And Related Materials
Coleridge's Reviews of The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Monk, Hubert de Sevrac, and The Italian (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
Dracula Source (1488) ("translation of one of the oldest surviving versions of the story of Vlad V, Prince of Wallachia . . . printed in Nuremburg in 1488") (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
Matthew Lewis's The Monk -- A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net (1997) (guest editor: Fred Frank)
Eliza Parsons, The Castle of Wolfenbach (Gothic Library)
John William Polidori [Show]
Ann Radcliffe [Show]
Michael Gamer (U. Penn)
"Gothicism and Romanticism" 
"Sex, Violence, Law, and Gothic" 
David S. Miall (U. Alberta), "Gothic Fiction" 
William B. Warner (U. California, Santa Barbara), Cyborg Genealogies: The Gothic (studies "a selective group of novels and films and theoretical texts so as to trace the modern cyborg back to the gothic monster") (Transcriptions Project, U. California, Santa Barbara)

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