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ATM Locations Worldwide (International Business Kiosk)
Car Rentals (International Business Kiosk)
Diplomatic & Consular (International Business Kiosk)
Duty Free/Tax Free Shopping (International Business Kiosk)
Electrical Appliances & Telecommunications (International Business Kiosk)
The Electronic Embassy (info and links to foreign embassies in Washington D. C.)
European Traffic Signs and Road Rules (travlang)
Foreign Exchange Rates (Kurt Swanson, Lund U.)
Health & Travel (International Business Kiosk)
How Far Is It? (calculates the distance between two sites, mainly in U. S.) (Darrell Kindred)
K i d s T r a v e l (resources to keep kids busy during trips)
Local Times Around the World 
Mail & Package Delivery (International Business Kiosk)
Net on the Road ("Our goal is to help travelers from all over the world to have access to the net while traveling . . . lists all the places of access [cybercafes, hotels, libraries, universities etc.] and the phone numbers of access for local and internationa
Per-Diem Rates (International Business Kiosk)
Regulations in Trade & Travel (International Business Kiosk)
Steve Kropla's Help For World Travelers! ("worldwide electrical and telephone information")
Subway & Train Systems (International Business Kiosk)
Subway Navigator (maps of subways in major cities around the world; uses forms to chart routes from start to stop locations)
Time Around the World (International Business Kiosk)
Timex World Time (image-map reference of local times and web sites around the world) (VIBE Magazine)
Timezone Converter (form that converts times between time zones) (Paul Stewart)
Tips & Planning for Travelers (International Business Kiosk)
Travel Tips Related to Aircraft Lavatories (ASIASPIRIT Co. Ltd.)
Travel Tips Related to Electricity (ASIASPIRIT Co. Ltd.)
Travel Tips Related to Modems (ASIASPIRIT Co. Ltd.)
The Universal Currency Converter xe.com
Visas (International Business Kiosk)
Web of Culture ("our mission is to educate corporate personnel of North American businesses about the value of globally-focused website design and execution, and to promote the growth of this practice throughout the U.S.")
Weight, Measurement, & Temp (International Business Kiosk)

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