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 •  U. S. Supreme Court Decision On Affirmative Action, June 12, 1995
 •  Constitution Of The U. S.
Legal Studies
U. S. Law   Suggest a Link
American Civil Liberties Union Reading Room (gopher) 
"The Amistad case: 'Outright Plagiarism' or 'Who Owns History?' " ("site devoted to the Amistad incident and Supreme Court case [1841] ['the first civil rights case in American jurisprudence'], as well as the new Spielberg movie on the same topic and the court controversy surrounding that film") (Michael Peil / Legal Information Institute)
Appellate Counsellor Home Page (Calvin House)
Bill of Rights 
'With an Even Hand': Brown V. Board at 50 (virtual exhibit) (Library of COngress, Washington, DC)
Constitution Of The U. S.
Constitution of the United States (Emory School of Law)
Constitution for the United States 
Criminal Law Links (Randy Wheeler)
FBI Home Page 
Federal Law and Information (Emory School of Law)
FindLaw - LawCrawler ("Search engine which allows you to search for laws from a wide range of sources, including: FCC, FTC, SEC, Library of Congress, US Military Sites and the Federal Judicial Center"; includes links to legal resources outside the U. S.)
Fred Korematsu Law Library (general legal resources and info) (All Rise! Network)
Handbook of California Civil Procedure (Stephen S. Ashley / Stratton Press)
Bernard J. Hibbitts (U. Pittsburgh School of Law), "Last Writes?: Re-assessing the Law Review in the Age of Cyberspace" 
Internet Legal Resource Guide ("comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America . . . designed for everyone, from lay persons to legal scholars alike") (Prescott M.
Judiciary Information on the English Server 
Law and Policy Institutions Guide ("designed for the legal profession, academia and the public, Law and Policy Institutions Guide is your one stop source for legal research") (Randy Roberts)
LAWLink (Amer. Bar Assoc.)
Legaldocs (prepare legal documents online; some for free) (USA Law Publications, Inc.)
Legal Information Institute (deep and well-organized page of legal studies resources) (Cornell Law School)
Legal Information Inst.: Items of Special Current Interest (Cornell Law School)
US Constitution (Legal Information Institute, Cornell U.)
LSU Pre-Law Society Page (includes info on applying to law school, career guides, financial assistance, law schools, the LSAT, etc.) (James Bolner, Sr.)
NARA: US National Archives & Records Administration 
The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law 
OJ Simpson Trial Court Transcripts (Jack Walraven)
Scanned Originals of Early American Documents (including pages from the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence) (Emory School of Law)
The Seamless Website: Legal Resources for Everyone (commercial site that includes many freely-accessible links and online texts) (TSW Limited)
TORE: Text Optimum Retrieval Engine/Federal Register (sophisticated search interface for the Federal Register; fuzzy, proximity, and other searches)
United States Federal Register 
U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library: U.S. Code (search the U. S. Code)
U.S. Law: Primary Documents and Commentary (gopher)
U. S. Supreme Court Decisions (Legal Information Inst., Cornell Law School)
U. S. Supreme Court Decision On Affirmative Action, June 12, 1995 (Legal Information Inst., Cornell Law School):
West's Legal Directory via WAIS (searchable directory of U.S. lawyers and law firms)

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