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 •  W.J.T. Mitchell
Art (Modern and Contemporary)
Art History
Art Theory & Politics   Suggest a Link
M. Lucille Anderson, "Immoral Art: Postmodern Appropriation and the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990" (1007) (Thresholds)
Art Theory Resources (Ross Woodrow, U. Newcastle, Australia)
Freedom of Expression at NEA (interdisciplinary curriculum project centered on the relation of the U. S. government to the National Endowment for the Arts) (Julie Van Camp, California State U., Long Beach)
Stephen Hicks (Rockford C.), "Post-postmodern Art" (RomanticRealism.net)
Chris Lynn, "Reproducing Banality: Jeff Koons, Copyright, and the Postmodern" (1997) (Thresholds)
W.J.T. Mitchell
W. J. T. Mitchell: Homepage 
"Ekphrasis and the Other" (from Mitchell's Picture Theory, 1994) (Romantic Circles)
"Why Children Hate Dinosaurs" (Chap. 37 from Mitchell's The Last Dinosaur Book: The Life and Times of a Cultural Icon, 1998) (U. Chicago Press)
Jennifer Vanasco, "Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell" (U. Chicago Press)
Orrin N.C. Wang (U. Maryland), "The Last Formalist, or W.J.T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur" (innovative "paratextual" interview of Mitchell) (Romantic Praxis / Romantic Circles; HTML by Rita Raley)

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