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Laws Of Cool
Ultra Textual Or Anti-Graphical   Suggest a Link
(Including &Quot;Lynx Enhanced&Quot;)
Dehanced for Lynx (polemically anti-graphical page that lists the "worst" "dehanced" pages on the web for Lynx users) (Daniel Dern, Bobbi Fox, Adam Gaffin)
The Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame (collection of allegedly extravagant Netscape-enhanced sites) (Flux)
Extremely Lynx
Homepage (Subir Grewal)
Pages Enhance for Lynx 
These are sites that react self-consciously against the graphical emphasis of the Web by attempting a textual reverse-cool.  
UnderWired (parody of Wired Magazine ("Type Design vs. Legibility: Who Gives a Shit?")

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