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 •  Jerome J. Mcgann (U. Virginia)
Courses in English & American Literature
Victorian Courses   Suggest a Link
Jay Clayton (Vanderbilt U.), The Victorian Novel, 1851-1867: Exhibitionism to Reform (graduate seminar)
Ann Cvetkovich (U. Texas, Austin), Women's Popular Genres: Romance and Sentimentality (course on the "cultural traditions of romance and sentimentality" established by Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin)
James Diedrick (Albion C.), Victorian Sexualities 
Elizabeth Fay (U. Mass., Boston), Victorian Literature and Melancholy (graduate course)
Jerome J. Mcgann (U. Virginia)
Incarnate Textualities: Blake, Dickinson. D. G. Rossetti 
The Pre-Raphaelite Movement 
Cannon Schmitt (Grinnell C., Iowa), Empire and the British Novel 
The Victorian Canon ("web site devoted to investigating the problem of taste and aesthetics with regard to the Victorian canon in particular, and to the canon debates in the academy in general . . .contains on-line syllabi [e.g. Victoriana: The Popu

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