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General Resources
a-tract ("open network of people, focusing on architecture and collaboration, connecting valuable sources of knowledge width valuable sources of architectural and urban production")
ADAM ("information gateway to quality-assured resources on the internet in art, design, architecture & media"; searchable database) (Tony Gill, et al.)
American Institute of Architects / Rizzoli Online Bookstore 
American Institute of Architects 
MIT Museum: Architecture & Design 
Architecture Web Sites (good list of links organized by category) (Jeffery Howe, Boston C.)
Architecture (Video On Line, Cagliari, Italy)
Architectural Resources 
Architecture and Building: Net Resources (large, well-organized metapage) (Jeanne M. Brown, U. Nevada, Las Vegas)
Architecture Exhibits and Images (U. Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning)
Architectural Record (supplement to monthly magazine) (The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.)
Architecturecafe (extensive multi-lingual international architectural portal/community) (X.architecture.nl Architects & Planners BV)
Architecture News (news, links, and forums) (archibot.com)
Archpedia - Architecture Encyclopedia (world famous architects and their architecture) (www.archpedia.com)
Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online (AAT) (Getty Research Institute)
Art and Architecture of Venice (Carl Gable)
Canadian Architecture Collection (CAC) (McGill U.)
Commuter's THEater (School of Architecture, U Texas Austin)
Ellipsis (very technically advanced U.K. site for architectural theory and online architecture)
English Server Art & Architecture List 
Forum on Developing Countries (forum for "information about architecture, planning, housing and, generally, habitat related issues in and for developing countries. It has a perspective on communication, training, education"; in English, Italian, and Portuguese) (Silva
The Frontage Road ("a journey of exploration and discovery utilizing the metaphor of road to interact with a diverse range of design topics")
Musei e Centri di Architettura (in Italian) (links to museums and centers of architecture throughout the world) (DADA Architetti Associati)
NetSERF: Medieval Architecture (History Dept., Catholic U. of America)
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Architects (detailed description of what various jobs in the field involve and forecasts for employment opportunities through 2005) (U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
PADDI: Planning Architecture Design Database Ireland (comprehensive bibliographic database on architecture and environmental planning in Ireland, including a Directory of Sources with searchable descriptions of major relevant collections in Ireland and links to other sites) (Queen's U., Belfast, & University College Dublin)
PAIRC: Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center ("comprehensive Internet resource directory with . . . links to sites relevant to planning, architecture and related professions . . . also contains information about 130 architecture and planning related mailing l
Quondam: A Virtual Museum of Architecture (sophisticated online museum that both exhibits buildings and attempts "to enable 'visits' to buildings that do not exist, to compare the scale of any number of buildings side by side, to analyze specific building designs by taking their 'model
Researching an Architectural Structure (architectural research strategies) (Lee Robinson, New York Public Library)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Architecture (U. Waterloo)
Rice Design Alliance: Architecture Links 
Society of Architectural Historians 
S * P * I * R * O (search form gateway to SPIRO, the Architecture Slide Library visual online catalog at UC Berkeley)
Vernacular Architecture Newsletter Cumulative Bibliography (searchable)
Women and Architecture (selected bibliography and guide to sources) (U. Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries)
WWW Virtual Library: Architecture 
0architecture0 delete me
Architects, Works, Projects
The Acropolis (info and background on the Acropolis) (Marsares / Monolith Community)
Adolf Loos' Karntner Bar in Vienna (computer model) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Amiens Cathedral (multimedia guide to the cathedral) (Eden Greig Muir & Rory O'Neill, Columbia U.)
Anand Bhatt, Architect. ("Repository of architectural ideas, with references to Le Corbusier, South Asian urban artifacts, post structuralist theory")
Archéire: Irish Architecture Online (Paul Clerkin, Beth McLendon)
ArchitectsOnline ("New England based resource for architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture")
Architecture, Mainly Mediterranean (By Site) (ArtServe)
Art Nouveau World Wide (site devoted to architects and designers of the Art Nouveau period) (Frank Derville)
The Beckfordiana Website site for the online study of the life and works of William Beckford of Fonthill, 1760-1844; includes resources on Fonthill Abbey (Dick Claésson)
Building Technologies (Columbia Univ.)
Canadian Centre for Architecture 
City of the Bias: Contouring Istanbul with Indirection 
The Construction on the Empire State Building, 1930-1931 (New York Public Library)
Covered Bridges of the Philadephia Region (Drexel U.)
Envisioning Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Centred Wisdom) ("ancient formal garden in Peking that was totally destroyed by a fire in the 1800s. Our only knowledge of it comes from old woodcuts and descriptions. A group of Chinese scholars at UBC have set themselves the task of creating a highly detailed reconstruction of the garden in digital form -- the landscape, the plants, the birds, the trees, the buildings, the furniture... even the insects") (U. British Columbia / Xing Xing Computer Graphics Inc.)
Frederick Clifford Gibson Architecture (includes VRML resources)
The Gamble House ("The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, is an example of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. The house and furnishings were designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1908") (Rich Muller)
Graced Places: The Architecture of Wilson Eyre (U. Penn)
Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna, North Africa (c. 127 AD) (reconstruction of the site by means of computer modeling) (Bill Rattenbury)
Hypergarden (3-D models of garden spaces created from fractal images)
Kiran Keswani, "On Perception: How Do We Experience Architecture?" (1996) (Frederick Clifford Gibson)
Kisho Kurokawa Home Page (architecture of "symbiosis")
Matiu Carr (Conceptual Architecture) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Margaret Morton, Fragile Dwelling (photographs by the artist of homeless communities: "Since 1989 I have photographed the daily lives of the homeless in New York City as they sought places of security, built and decorated dwellings, created gardens, searched for food, cooked meals, cared for pets, and embellished their lives with friendship and the rituals of survival")
Motel Americana ("designed to celebrate an American phenomenon which reflects an important part of US history and culture: the motel") (Andrew F. Wood & Jenny Wood)
Museum Architecture (LAVA)
New Orleans Cemeteries: A MultimediaTour (Webcorp)
Marcos Novak (home page of architectural theorist Marcos Novak, featuring images, essay, and interviews related to his "transArchitecture," "liquid architecture," and "alien" architecture)
Palladio's Italian Villas (Carl Gable)
Peter Eisenman Site (includes bibliography, essays, links) (Peter Blank, Stanford U. / Stanford Presidential Lectures and Symposia in the Humanities and Arts)
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (C. W. Westfall, UVA)
Rice Design Alliance 
The Risk Map of Cultural Heritage in Italy
Homepage of the Risk Map of Cultural Heritage ("project promoted by the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (ICR) in line with . . . Brandi's notion of preventive restoration [and] . . . Giovanni Urbani's reflections on programmed maintenance"; involves "the development of systems and methods enabling maintenance and restoration programs for architectural, archaeological and historical-artistic items with regard to their respective conditions and the harshness of the environment where they are situated") (Istituto Centrale del Restauro, Rome)
Iconometric Model (photo survey method)
Thematic Maps of Environmental Danger Factors 
Southeastern Architectural Archive ("architectural and urban history of New Orleans and the Gulf South, from the 1830s through the 1980s, with significant holdings for other regions of the country. Over 200 architects are represented") (Gary Van Zante)
Mies van der Rohe, The Barcelona Pavillion (computer model) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Velleity ("explores subjectivity through scaling and framing in language, representation... and the urban infrastructure: in this installment, the sewer") (Leslie Shih) (Basilisk)
The Virtual City (Rice Design Alliance 1994 lecture series on the impact of technology on the concept of the city) *
The Virtual Study Tour: In Memory of Architecture (Matiu Carr)
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin (Frank Lloyd Wright® Wisconsin Heritage Tourism Program, Inc)
Communication Arts (journal for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers)
Metropolis Online ("examination of contemporary life through focusing on the various design disciplines -- architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning and preservation")
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Designers (detailed description of what the job of designer involves and forecasts for employment opportunities through 2005)(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Image Archives
archINFORM (international architecture database) (Sascha Hendel)
Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America (Architectural photographs by Samuel Gottscho and William Schleisner, 1935-1955) (Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress)
Chicago Imagebase (Maps and photographs of the built environment of the Chicago region) (Chicago Metropolitan Infobase Project, U. of Illinois at Chicago)
Church Plans Online (Lambeth Palace Library)
Columbia Digital Image Access Project (Architectural photographs, many by Columbia faculty) (Avery Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University)
Digital Archive of American Architecture (Collection of images originally used to teach a course on American architecture) (Jeffery Howe, Boston College)
Digital Archive of European Architecture (Collection of images used to teach a course on European architecture) (Jeffery Howe, Boston College)
Digital Imaging Project (Over 10,000 art historical images of sculpture and architecture from pre-historic to post-modern) (Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton College)
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (Architecture images originally used to teach courses) (C. W. Westfall, U. Virginia)
Rotch Visual Collections (Architecture and Planning Library image collection) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
SAH Image Exchange (Pilot project dealing with landmarks of American architecture, 1850-99) (Jeffrey Cohen, Society of Architectural Historians)
Museums & Libraries
Architecture Studies Library (Jeanne M. Brown, U. Nevada, Las Vegas)
Columbia U. Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library 
National Building Museum, Washington, D.C. ("the only institution in the United States dedicated to American achievements in architecture, construction, engineering and design")
Quondam: A Virtual Museum of Architecture (sophisticated online museum that both exhibits buildings and attempts "to enable 'visits' to buildings that do not exist, to compare the scale of any number of buildings side by side, to analyze specific building designs by taking their 'model
Course Syllabi & Teaching Resources
C. W. Westfall (U. Virginia), "Renaissance and Baroque Architecture" (includes images)
Architecture Journals
Architronic: The Electronic Journal of Architecture (Kent State U.)
Basilisk ("online quarterly covering architectural theory and design, philosophy, the fine arts, music, perception and neuroscience, literature, and film") (Edward Keller)
Design Architecture: The Electronic Journal of Design and Architecture 
Metropolis Online ("examination of contemporary life through focusing on the various design disciplines -- architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning and preservation")
Space and Culture: The Journal ("reflections on a wide range of socio-spatial arenas such as the home, architecture, urbanism and geopolitics. We encourage the application of contemporary theoretical debates in cultural studies, discourse analysis, post-colonialism to resear
Depts. & Programs
Columbia Univ. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 
MIT School of Architecture and Planning 
Space Syntax Page ("The aim of the SSL is to develop clear and simple methods for describing and analysing architectural and urban forms so that researchers can study those forms, whether actual or hypothetical, and their relation to social function, in as scientific a way
SUNY at Buffalo School of Architecture & Planning 
U. Auckland Dept. of Architecture 
UCLA Architecture + Urban Design Dept. 
U. New South Wales Graduate School of the Built Environment 
U. Texas at Austin Architecture and Planning Library 
Architecture Listservs & Newsgroups
Architecture Conferences & Calls for Papers

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