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Authors and Works
William Shakespeare   Suggest a Link
General Resources
ArdenNet: The Critical Resource for Shakespeare Studies
Homepage (links, listings of Shakespeare organizations and conferences, some essays on teaching S., shorter articles, news and reviews, discussion; the site requires registration but is currently free) (Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd.)
Chadwyck-Healey: Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare (prospectus for CD-ROM resource)
The Ever Reader (online magazine of the Shakespeare Oxford Society)
Folger Shakespeare Library 
Shakespeare Page (The Poetry Archives)
Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism: The Question of Shylock ("introductory resource for anyone who is interested in the nature of Elizabethan anti-semitism: both in its historical context and, in particular, how it is reflected and embodied in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice") (Grant Stirling,
Shakespeare Database Project (Germany)
Shakespeare Quarterly 
Shakespeare Web 
Shakespeare and the Book (Columbia U. Libraries Exhibition)
The Authorship Issue
Shake-n-Bacon (extensive page of resources relating to the contention that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works)
The Shakespeare Mystery
Homepage (U. S. Public Broadcasting System page devoted to the authorship quesiton) (Frontline / WGHB Educational Foundation)
The Shakespeare Question (links, bibliographies, and other resources related to six "contenders for the authorship of Shakespeare's works, including Shakespeare, Oxford, Bacon, Marlowe, Rutland, and Derby") (R.W. Bivens-Tatum, Princeton U.)
The Shakespeare Authorship Page: Dedicated to the Proposition that Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare (Dave Kathman and Terry Ross)
Are There Ciphers In Shakespeare? (1993)
Brian Arkins (U. College, Galway / Saint David's U. College, Lampeter), Heavy Seneca: His Influence on Shakespeare's Tragedies (1995) (Classics Ireland)
Cass Foster's "Sixty-Minute Shakespeare" Series (info on for-sale series of condensed texts of the plays designed for high-school instruction) (Five Star Publications, Inc.)
Elizabethan Insults (fashion your own Shakespearean insults) (John M Vinopal)
The Hamlet Machine A cultural hypertext for Hamlet's 'To be or not to be' soliloquy.
Organizations & Programs
Richard III Society 
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (maintains the five houses in or near Stratford-upon-Avon directly connected with the dramatist and his family)
Shakespeare Institute Library (U. Birmingham)
Shakespeare Festivals
Bard on the Beach '95 (summer Shakespeare festival in Vancouver)
Shakespeare Festival Pages (a lsit of list of Shakespeare festival pages and other sites) (Robert Goldstein / David Zuhr, Orlando/UCF Shakespeare Festival)
Visual Resources
Catherine M.S. Alexander What Did Shakespeare Look Like? (essay including various images of Shakespeare, within the shakespeare.org site)
Shakespeare Image Gallery (page within the Holloway Pages, offering a number of related sites) (Clark J. Holloway)
Shakespeare Illustrated (Boydell Gallery and other historical illustrations of the bard) (Harry Rusche, Emory U.)
Complete Works (hypertext on MIT server)
The Julius Caesar Site (Tufts U. / Perseus Project)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (hypertext, annotated) (J.B. Siedlecki, U. North British Columbia)
Scholarly Editions of Shakespeare for the Internet (under-construction archive of modern newly-edited, annotated, refereed versions "linked to electronic representations of the original quartos and Folio," including "supporting source material, a critical survey, a history of performance . . . lin
Search Engine for Collected Works (Matty Farrow, U. Sydney, Australia)
Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
Sonnets (Index) 
TACTWeb Demo: Query Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (demo of the Web interface that allows a user to query a TACT text database) (John Bradley & Geoffrey Rockwell)
Twelfth Night (CMU server)
U. Victoria English Dept.'s Shakespeare Texts (designed for an online independent studies course, these texts are public domain Shakespeare plays available elsewhere on the net but here arranged to correspond to the lineation in the Signet Shakespeare editions; line numbers have been added)

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