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Discoverers Web Extensive links and some original material on many aspects of exploration, early modern travel and cartography. Searchable by location, explorer and/or era (Andre Engels)
Discovery and Exploration: Maps and Atlases Includes images of late 15th through 19th century maps, both European and American, and history of the maps and their making (Library of Congress)
Early Modern Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web Links to map libraries, societies, exhibitions and books, plus related journals, events, fellowships, and on-line map discussion forums (Early Modern Literary Studies, U. of Toronto)
"In thy map securely saile": Maps, Atlases, Charts, and Globes An online version of a New York Public Library exhibition. An excellent resource on new world geography and maps. Includes many images, plus information on mapmaking and "how to read a map" (Lawrence Slaughter Collection, New York Public Library)
The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection An extensive collection of links to map sites, which is divided into smaller geographic and celestial headings to allow for easier searching (U. Texas at Austin)
Renaissance Maps 1500-1700 Wide selection of images of Renaissance maps and a bibliography of work on and of Renaissance cartography and chorography (Henry Davis)
Ryhiner Map Collection (over 15,000 maps, charts, plans and views of local and international locations from the 16th to the 18th century) (Canton of Berne, Switzerland)

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