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 This is to clarify how I see the Picture Gallery operating. I see the Picture Gallery as allowing searches by author, title, date, and keyword, but also as presenting on the index page a list of major subjects under which the images are organized. This listing will, of course, change, as more faculty load on images. Each of these subject words would then link to pages with sub-categories that linked to identified thumbnails (although in some cases they might link directly to the thumbnails without going through a sub-category page, depending on the number of images within the larger category). I don't have all my slides with me, but, based on my memory, I see the following subject categories.
Architectural Exteriors
Architectural Interiors a list of the interiors that could be linked to--hallway, staircase, great chamber, etc.
Estates (in those cases where we have a lot of images of a single house or building, such as Whitehall Banqueting House)
Family Portraits
Sea Journals (link to Barlow's Journal and Dampier's Voyages, etc.)
Regional Maps
World Maps
Miniatures (this would link to a page of thumbnails with identifications organized by artist)
Monarchs (this would link to a page that listed individual monarchs, each of which would link to their own page for the thumbnail images with identifications of those monarchs)
Paradise Lost

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