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 •  Alexander Pope
 •  Anna Laetitia (Aikin) Barbauld
 •  Anne Finch (Countess Of Winchilsea),
 •  Aphra Behn
 •  Daniel Defoe
 •  Earl Of Rochester (John Wilmot)
 •  Edward Gibbon
 •  Eliza Haywood
 •  Elizabeth Carter
 •  Erasmus Darwin
 •  Frances "Fanny" Burney
 •  Frances Brooke
 •  Henry Fielding
 •  James Boswell
 •  John Cleland
 •  John Dryden
 •  John Gay
 •  John Wesley
 •  Jonathan Swift
 •  Joseph Addison
 •  Laurence Sterne
 •  Oliver Goldsmith
 •  Samuel Johnson
 •  Samuel Pepys
 •  Samuel Richardson
 •  The Poems of Mary Leapor
 •  Thomas Gray
 •  William Beckford
 •  William Collins
 •  William Congreve
 •  William Cowper
 •  William Hogarth
 •  James Macpherson ("Ossian")
Restoration & 18th Century
Authors and Works   Suggest a Link
Joseph Addison
"An Account of the Greatest English Poets" (1694) (Laura Mandell, Miami U., Ohio)
The Latin Prose and Poetry of Joseph Addison: A Hypertext Edition (Dana F. Sutton, U. California, Irvine)
Spectator Project at CETH (homepage for complete Tatler and Spectator online) (Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, Alexander Library, Rutgers U.)
Anna Laetitia (Aikin) Barbauld
General Resources
Barbauld Page (biography, selections, bibliography) (Celebration of Women Writers, U. Penn)
Barbauld Web Site ("The purpose of the project is to take a small number of Anna Barbauld's poems and to investigate how the medium of hypertext might be used to place a work within its literary, historical, cultural, and political contexts. Above all, we wish to tran
Anna Barbauld: A Brief Chronology  (Romantic Circles)
Selected Bibliography: Anna Letitia Barbauld (Daniel E. White, U. Toronto)
Barbauld Page (The Poetry Archives)
Eighteen Hundred and Eleven, A Poem (British Women Romantic Poets)
Poems by Anna Lætitia Barbauld  (Poemhunter.com)
Poems (1773) by Anna Lætitia Aikin: A Hypertext Edition ("presents a faithful color facsimile of the first edition and text versions of the poems") (Romantic Circles)
Selected Poetry of Anna Lætitia Barbauld  (U. Toronto)
Selections (Digital Library, U. Penn)
Prose Works of Anna Laetitia Barbauld (Molly Beverstein and Laura Mandell, Miami U.)
The Works of Anna Laetitia Barbauld, with a Memoir by Lucy Aikin (1825) (Barbara Smith, U. Virginia)
James Beattie, Selected Poetry of James Beattie (1735-1803) (U. Toronto)
William Beckford
The Beckfordiana Website site for the online study of the life and works of William Beckford of Fonthill, 1760-1844; includes resources on Fonthill Abbey (Dick Claésson)
3D Model of Beckford's Fonthill Abbey ("attempt to recreate the building, using 3D modelling techniques") (Mike Harrisson)
Aphra Behn
General Resources
Aphra Behn Page (The Poetry Archives)
Aphra Behn Society (Carole Meyers, Emory U.)
Aphra Behn Page
Homepage of Aphra Behn (Ruth Nestvold)
Chronology of Aphra Behn's Life and Works 
Primary Sources and Related Links 
Women in the Restoration Theater 
An Annotated Bibliography on Aphra Behn's Oroonoko (annotated) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The City Heiress (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Oroonoko; or, The Royal Slave (Terri Palmer for the English Server)
The Rover or, the Banish'd Cavaliers (1677) (English Server, Carnegie Mellon U.)
The Unfortunate Happy Lady: A True History (Henry Churchyard, U. Texas, Austin)
Blenheim Palace (Camelot International)
James Boswell
Life of Johnson (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Sons of Ayrshire: James Boswell & Robert Burns (Tom Kinsella, Richard Stockton C.)
Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell 
British Deism and Free Thought (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford Univ.) (in French) (temporarily unavailable)
Frances Brooke
Frances Brooke (brief bio) (The Write Page)
Frances "Fanny" Burney
Dr. Johnson and Fanny Burney (TEI-conformant, based on 1912 edition by Chauncy Brewster Tinker) (Jamie L. Spriggs/U. Virginia)
A Study Guide to Frances Burney's Cecilia (Cathy Decker)
Works by Fanny Burney (bibliography) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter (brief bio) (The Write Page)
Selected Poems (Stuart Curran, U. Penn)
Thomas Chatterton Selected Poems of Thomas Chatterton (Representative Poetry Online) (U. Toronto)
John Cleland
Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (downloadable file of book; last half of book requires a small fee for a password to get past the "read lock") (Omnimedia Electronic Publishing)
Fanny Hill, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (Geoffrey Sauer, Carnegie Mellon U.)
William Collins
"Ode on the Poetical Character" (U. Toronto)
Selected Poems of William Collins (U. Toronto)
William Congreve
The Double Dealer: A Comedy (Project Gutenberg)
Love for Love: A Comedy (Project Gutenberg)
The Old Bachelor: A Comedy (Project Gutenberg)
The Way of the World (Project Gutenberg)
William Cowper
General Resources
The Cowper and Newton Museum (Olney, Buckinghamshire, UK) 
Andrew Elfenbein (U. Minnesota), "Stricken Deer: Secrecy, Homophobia, and the Rise of the Suburban Man" (1998) (wide-ranging essay that includes a sustained discussion of Willam Cowper) (Genders)
Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent U.), "Cowper, Wordsworth, Clare: The Politics of Trees" (1995) 
"The Castaway" (U. Toronto)
"The Retired Cat" (U. Toronto)
Selected Olney Hymns (Stuart Curran, U. penn)
Selected Poetry (includes parts of The Task) (U. Toronto)
"The Snail" 
The Task (Book 1 -- The Sofa) (Stuart Curran, U. Penn)
"To Mary" (U. Toronto)
Erasmus Darwin
Thomas E. Hart, "Erasmus Darwin" (Victorian Web)
The Temple of Nature (excerpt) 
Daniel Defoe
Homepage (brief bio) (Kuusankosken kaupunginkirjasto)
"A Relation of the Apparition of Mrs. Veal" (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Robinson Crusoe (Bibliomania)
John Dennis, "The Grounds of Criticism in Poetry" (U. Toronto)
John Dryden
John Dryden Page (The Poetry Archives)
"Mac Flecknoe" (U. Toronto)
"Of Dramatic Poesie" (U. Toronto)
Selected Poetry of John Dryden (U. Toronto)
Henry Fielding
The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling (Bartleby.com)
Ruth Nestvold, Introduction to Henry Fielding's [i]The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling[/i] 
John Unsworth (U. Virginia), "Tom Jones: The Comedy of Knowledge" (Modern Language Quarterly, 48.3 [September 1987])
Anne Finch (Countess Of Winchilsea),
"The Petition for an Absolute Retreat" (U. Toronto)
Poems from Anne Finch Etext (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
"The Tree" (U. Toronto)
John Gay
The Beggar's Opera (excerpts) (U. Toronto)
John Gay (The Poetry Archives)
Selected Poems (U. Toronto)
The Shepherd's Week (excerpts) (U. Toronto)
Edward Gibbon
Essai sur l'étude de la littérature (Guido Abbattista / Electronic Library of Historiography)
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 1 (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Oliver Goldsmith
The Citizen of the World (selections) (Patricia Craddock, U. Florida)
"The Deserted Village" (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
"The Deserted Village" (U. Toronto)
"An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog" (U. Virginia)
"Retaliation: A Poem" (The Poetry Archives)
Selected Poetry (U. Toronto)
She Stoops to Conquer (Project Gutenberg)
"Sweet Auburn" and "The Village Schoolmaster" (Benown House B&B)
The Vicar of Wakefield (U. Virginia)
Thomas Gray
The Thomas Gray Archive (searchable e-texts with commentary and concordance, and Materials section with bibliography, chronology, and more (Alexander Huber, Oxford U.)
"The Bard: A Pindaric Ode" (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
"An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" (with questions from Hugh Kenner, The Art of Poetry) (Seamus Cooney)
"Elegy Written in a Country Church-yard" (Virginia Tech)
"On the Death of Mr. Richard West" (Sonnet Central)
"The Progress of Poesy: A Pindaric Ode" (U. Toronto)
Selected Poetry (U. Toronto)
Thomas Gray Page (The Poetry Archives)
Frances Greville, "A Prayer for Indifference" (1750s) (Stuart Curran, U. Penn)
Sir Matthew Hale, A Discourse Touching Provision for the Poor (1683) 
Eliza Haywood
Chronology (Catherine Ingrassia, Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Select Bibliography (Catherine Ingrassia, Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Selected Bibliography: Eliza Haywood (1693-1756) (Jessica Smith and Paula Backsheider, Auburn U.)
William Hogarth (see also Hogarth on Art page)
The Analysis of Beauty (indexed, searchable transcription) (History of Art, Film and Visual Media Dept., Birbeck C., U. London)
Samuel Johnson
General Resources on Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Web Resources (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page ("the most comprehensive collection of Samuel Johnson quotes on the web") (Frank Lynch)
The Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual (Paul J. Korshin & Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Nelson Hilton (U. Georgia), "Restless Wrestling: Johnson's Rasselas" (1995) (chapter from Hilton's book, Lexis Complexes: Literary Interventions)
Jack Lynch (Rutgers U.), "Studied Barbarity: Johnson, Spenser, and Literary Progress" 
"Drury-lane Prologue Spoken by Mr. Garrick" (The Poetry Archives)
"London" (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
"On the Death of Dr. Robert Levet" (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Proposed Hypertext Edition of Samuel Johnson's Imitations of Juvenal (parallel-text presentation of Johnson and Juvenal) (Matthew M. Davis, U. Virginia)
Selected Poetry (U. Toronto)
"Vanity of Human Wishes" (1749) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
"Vanity of Human Wishes" (1755) (U. Penn)
The Idler
Idler, no. 60 (9 June 1759) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Idler, no. 61 (16 June 1759) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Johnson's Last Will and Testament (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Lives Of The Poets
The Life of Ascham (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The Life of Browne (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The Life of Savage (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
"The Plan of an English Dictionary" (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Prayers and Meditations (selections) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
"Preface" to his Edition of Shakespeare's Plays (U. Toronto)
The Rambler and the Adventurer (selections) (U. Virginia)
Rambler, No. 4. 31 March 1750 (Michael Gamer, U. Penn.)
Rasselas (HTML version) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
"Review of Soame Jenyns, A Free Enquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil" (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Mary Lady Chudleigh, "The Ladies Defence: or, A Dialogue between Sir John Brute, Sir William Loveall, Melissa, and a Parson" 
The Poems of Mary Leapor
Homepage of The Poems of Mary Leapor (Laura Mandell, Miami U., Ohio)
Poems Upons Several Occasions, vol. I (1748) and II (1751) 
The London Gazette (selected online issues of the Restoration-era gazette) (Electronic Historical Publications)
James Macpherson ("Ossian")
Fragments of Ancient Poetry, Collected in the Highlands of Scotland, and Translated from the Gaelic or Erse Language (1761) (HyperEpos: Epic on the Internet)
Mark Akenside Page (The Poetry Archives)
William Mason, Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
John Newton, "Faith's Review and Expectation (Amazing Grace)" (The Poetry Archives)
Samuel Pepys
Pepys Page 
Pepys Page 
Thomas Percy (U. Toronto)
Alexander Pope
General Resources
Alexander Pope Page (The Poetry Archives)
The Dunciad
Book IV (U. Toronto)
"Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot" (U. Toronto)
"Epistle to a Lady" (U. Toronto)
"Epistle to Burlington" (U. Toronto)
Essay On Man In Four Epistles
U. Toronto text: Epistle I ,
E-Texts at U Penn (gopher)
Essay on Criticism: I ,
The Rape Of The Lock
De Guernier and Du Bose, Fuseli, Beardsley, & Other Illustrations of Rape of the Lock (Steve Constantine, U. Mass.)
The Rape of the Lock: I ,
The Rape of the Lock Home Page (includes primary and related texts, illustrations, list of recent criticism; also includes translations of the poem in German and French) (Steve Constantine, U. Mass.)
The Rape of the Lock & "Eloisa to Abelard" (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
The Rape of the Lock (UPenn gopher)
Selected Prose and Poetry of Alexander Pope (U. Toronto)
"Preface" to his Translation of Homer's Iliad (U. Toronto)
Sir Uvedale Price, "On the Picturesque" (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
The Matthew Prior Project (database presenting "a calendar of nearly 3000 letters by and to Matthew Prior," including "personal and official letters between Prior and 283 named correspondents") (H. Bunker Wright, Richard B. Kline, Deborah Kempf Wright, and Miami University Libraries)
Allan Ramsay (small selection of poems) (The Poetry Archives)
Clara Reeve Preface to 2nd Edition, Old English Baron (1778) (Michael Gamer, U. Penn.)
Samuel Richardson
Susanne McCracken, Pamela: Economy, The Novel, & Women (hypertext project for Laura Mandell's course at Miami U., Ohio; includes annotated bibliographies of secondary literature)
The Novel: Criticisms of Pamela (summaries of critical literature on the novel) (Susanne McCracken)
Gregory M. Weight (U. Delaware), "'No Longer What I Was in Any One Thing': Clarissa's Papers, Écriture Féminine, and Hypertext" (hypertext essay)
Robert Burns (on English Romanticism page)
Earl Of Rochester (John Wilmot)
Rochester Page (poems and brief bio) (Mark Ynys-Mon)
Selected Poems (U. Toronto)
Janet Schaw, Journal of a Lady of Quality, Being the Narrative of a Journey from Scotland to the West Indies, North Carolina, and Portugal, in the years 1774 to 1776 (wlink to full text; links to other articles; ithin the Documenting the American South site) (U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
Frances Sheridan, Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph (U. Michigan)
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Selected Poems (Representative Poetry Online) (U. Toronto)
Sir Joshua Reynolds (on Art page)
Christopher Smart Selected Poetry (Representative Poetry Online) (U. Toronto)
Sonnets by Gray, Bowles, Coleridge, Keats, Robinson, Smith, Williams, Wordsworth (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
Spectator Project at CETH (homepage for complete Tatler and Spectator online) (Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, Alexander Library, Rutgers U.)
Laurence Sterne
The Electronic Labyrinth: Tristram Shandy (short page with links on Sterne; of interest because the intent of the overall Electronic Labyrinth site is to position contemporary hypertext design and philosophy in relation to precedents in past literature)
A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (Richard Bear, U. Oregon)
Tristram Shandy: An Annotated Bibliography (annotated) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Tristram Shandy Web (facsimile reproduction of Tristram Shandy, with bibliography and links)(IULM University, Milan)
Vienna Web (unique metapage of philosophy online resources organized along a backbone of quotations from Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy) (U. Vienna Philosophy Dept.)
Jonathan Swift
Russell A. Hunt (St. Thomas U.), "Modes of Reading, and Modes of Reading Swift" 
Matthew Levy (U. Texas, Arlington), "Gulliver's Historico-Tropological Journey, or Measurement, Irony and the Grotesque in Gulliver's Travels" 
"Description of a City Shower" (U. Penn)
"Description of the Morning" (U. Penn)
E-Texts at U Penn 
Gulliver'S Travels
Gulliver's Travels Page (includes the text of the work and critical apparatus; also includes other Swift materials) (Lee Jaffe)
Gulliver's Travels (UPenn gopher)
Gulliver's Travels (Virginia Tech)
A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
A Modest Proposal (Project Gutenberg)
A Modest Proposal (Virginia Tech)
Selected Poetry (U. Toronto)
"Stella's Birthday" (U. Penn)
A Tale of a Tub (Deep Singh)
James Thomson (U. Toronto)
Visits to Bedlam (illustrative text excerpts from the period) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Joseph Warton, "Ode to Fancy" (U. Toronto)
John Wesley
General Resources
John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life (Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.)
A Collection of Hymns, for the Use of the People Called Methodists (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Sermons on Several Occasions (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Edward Young, "Conjectures on Original Composition" (U. Toronto)

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