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 •  Lisa Jevbratt
Art (Modern and Contemporary)
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Amy Bruckman (Georgia Tech), "Cyberspace is not Disneyland: The Role of the Artist in a Networked World" (1995)  
Sharon Daniel, Mark Bartlett, et al., Subtract the Sky ("Subtract the Sky extends the context of public art by allowing individuals and communities to evolve an aesthetically, intellectually, and politically expressive, collaborative environment on-line. . . . It is a Collaborative System, which gives users a framework for building databases based on their own experiences and for structuring and interpreting that data themselves")
Doctor Hugo: Museums of the Mind ("virtual museum project about the future of the sense; resources on paintings, net.art, synaesthesia and fuzzy dreamz; research, theory and experiments on telematics of the mind") (Doctor Hugo)
Lisa Jevbratt
Homepage of Lisa Jevbratt 
1:1 ("The 1:1 project includes the creation, maintenance, and visualization of the C5 IP database, containing the IP addresses to all hosts on the World Wide Web. The project uses the database to create five interfaces for navigating the web, and to generate a new topography of the web. The interfaces/visualizations explore the formal qualities of the web in relation to the larger network of which it is part: the Internet")
Mapping the Web Infome ("the Infome software enables the creation of web crawlers - automatic processes that access web sites and collect data from them - and the creation of visualizations/mappings of the collected data")
Non-Site Gallery ("The Non-Site gallery utilizes the void constituted by non-existing information, non-functioning scripts and bad requests. It claims unintentional space for projects that take advantage of its special conditions")
Syncro Mail - Unconscious Collective ("mapping of all mails sent with Syncro Mail; exhibited at Korea Web Art Show December 2001")
Alex Galloway, "Perl is My Medium: An Interview with Lisa Jevbratt" (2001) (Rhizome.org)
Kurzweil Cyber Art ("we create software that creates art")
Mary Flanagan (Hunter C.), Home Page ("links to creative work, shows / events, writing, cv, course materials, and my research projects for girls, including the RAPUNSEL project and "The Adventures of Josie True" funded by the NSF")
Robert Nideffer (UC Irvine), Proxy Project ("PROXY is a HEAD GAME about knowledge discovery, file-sharing, and information mis/management in relation to networked identity construction and collective behavior. It is an overtly academic, unpredictable and often impenetrable set of rule-driven role-plays -- none of which are ever made quite clear. The players are pre-programmed agents and bots of various types, both human and software. The aesthetic is minimalist and heavily textual at surface, though many forms of media and mediated exchange are possible")
Victoria Vesna (UCLA), n0time ("n 0 time is the amount of time that none of us have. n 0 time always grows, especially in a new world of globalized network communication, in which time zones become meaningless and the most important asset is no longer time, but attention")

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