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ctheory.net "International journal of theory, technology, and culture"
The Cyborg's Dilemma: Progressive Embodiment in Virtual Environments How does the changing representation of the body in virtual environments affect the mind? This article considers how virtual reality interfaces are evolving to embody the user progressively. The effect of embodiment on the sensation of physical presence, social presence, and self presence in virtual environments is discussed. The effect of avatar representation on body image and body schema distortion is also considered. The paper ends with the introduction of the cyborg's dilemma, a paradoxical situation in which the development of increasingly "natural" and embodied interfaces leads to "unnatural" adaptations or changes in the user. In the progressively tighter coupling of user to interface, the user evolves as a cyborg.
Cyborg Manifesto or the Joy of Artifice Cyborg Manifesto, or The Joy of Artifice is a group exhibition that explores the interrelationship between technology, nature, and culture. The artists in the exhibit explore a territory that falls between a fear of technology as a product of our own making, and a view of technology as a path towards progress--one, that for many, leads to a kind of spiritual transcendence. In this exhibit, the cyborg, a hybrid of machine and organism, is used as a metaphor for navigating the boundaries between fact and fiction. It suggests that the idea of merging with the tools of our own making--to theoretically become something else that we are not--is a way by which to expand on our identities as human beings.
Cyborg manifesto : the true story of a an online cyborg spoof  
Cyborgs 'R' Us Georgetown's Martin Irvine's guide to the history of the cyborg.
Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" The classic text in cyborg theory.
Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF Cyborg Anthropology Archive Links to cyborg scholarship from diverse publications (both web and print), as well as interviews with academics such as Constance Penley and Andrew Ross.
"He, She or It: The Cyborg De-Constructs Gender in Post Modern Science Fiction " An article on feminism and the cybord by Barbara Summerhawk (The University of Waterloo).

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