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How is the scientific community working to integrate technology into the human body? A survey of current and future practices that may turn us all into cyborgs.
The Cyborg Known as You Recently, a Florida family agreed to have tiny, scannable ID chips implanted under their skin. Containing a radio frequency identification tag, each implant stores a number that can be cross-referenced with a database containing a person's name and medical history. The unveiling of the "first cyborg family" was staged as a publicity stunt by a struggling tech startup called Applied Digital Solutions (ADSXE), which touted the chips' ability to make monitoring patients as easy as tracking cans of soup.
Lamprey cyborg sees the light and responds The $6-million eel it ain't. But researchers who have taken the unprecedented step of connecting a brain, in this case a sea lamprey's brain, to a small mobile robot say they've got a roving fishbot that may someday lead to better prosthetic devices for humans.
Medical Technology & Redefinitions of the Body Modern surgical procedures, particularly those involved in transplanting or replacing body parts, have redefinited the way poeple conceive the physical bodies of themselves and others.
My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg The presence of disabled people is not reflected in society, either in images or in positions of power. Meanwhile we are regarded by others as being asexual and unable and/or lacking the right to breed. Is it any wonder, then, if we take to replicating digitally in our own mirrors?
Scientists test first human cyborg OXFORD, England -- A British university professor has been fitted with cyborg technology enabling his nervous system to be linked to a computer.

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