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ForeFront: GrabNet (unique software that grabs pictures and text from the Web to create "visual URLs" in which the URL is associated with selected graphics and text; for Windows and Mac; downloadable 10-day free trial demo) (ForeFront)
HTMLRef: "htmlref.zip" (binary) (runs in DOS environment to scan any .html or .htm file, gather URL's, and output the URL's to a browser-readable HTML file) (download this link)
htmltoc (Earl Hood) (Perl program for creating a table of contents using the H1-H6 tages in a set of HTML pages; creates links from the table of contents to the appropriate sections of the original pages)
Hypermail (Kevin Hughes) (C-language program to convert UNIX e-mail messages into cross-referenced HTML pages)
makehomeidx (indexes home pages on a Unix system; also allows users to mount personal home pages without calling upon the sysadmin)
MHonArc (Earl Hood) (Perl program to convert e-mail messages into HTML pages; also builds an index of the messages)
WebWhacker (for Windows or Mac) ("tool designed to reduce the user's dependency on an Internet connection. WebWhacker downloads, or "Whacks", single Web pages, groups of pages, or entire Web sites, including text (HTML) and images, and stores them on the local deskt

VoS is woven by Alan Liu and a development team
in the U.California, Santa Barbara, English Department.
Contact: ayliu@english.ucsb.edu — To suggest links for inclusion in VoS, please use the "Suggest a Link" button on the relevant category page. To offer feedback on the site, please use the feedback form.
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