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 •  William Wordsworth
 •  Charles Bernstein
 •  Thomas Carlyle
 •  David Carson
 •  Samuel Taylor Coleridge
 •  T. S. Eliot
 •  William Faulkner
 •  F. S. Flint
 •  William Gibson
 •  Andy Goldsworthy
 •  April Greiman
 •  Jodi
 •  John Agard
 •  Louise Bennett
 •  Valerie Bloom
 •  Richard Payne Knight
 •  Longinus
 •  Archibald McLeish
 •  John Milton
 •  Ezra Pound
 •  Claude Shannon
 •  Joseph A. Schumpeter
 •  Frederick Winslow Taylor
 •  James Thomson
Course Materials
Authors/Artists   Suggest a Link
John Agard
John Agard, "Mek Four" (1990) and "Pan Recipe" 
Louise Bennett
Louise Bennett, "Dear Departed Federation"  
Charles Bernstein
"You" (1983) [course login required]
Valerie Bloom
Valerie Bloom, "Language Barrier" (1983) 
Thomas Carlyle
The French Revolution, A History (Chap. 1.5.VI ) (1837)
David Carson
The End of Print (sample images) [course login required]
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
"To the River Otter" (1796)
T. S. Eliot
The Waste Land (concluding verses) 
William Faulkner
"The Bear" (1942), excerpts on the relinquishment of technology  
F. S. Flint
William Gibson
"Agrippa (A Book for the Dead" (1992) (with line numbers)
Letter from Kevin Begos, Jr., to Alan Liu (Oct. 26, 2002) (on the original idea and evolution of William Gibson and Dennis Ashbaugh's 1992 Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)
Andy Goldsworthy
Study Gallery (sample Goldsworthy works, study portfolios on Goldsworthy's art and its contexts, and samplings of other "land artists" and their traditions) [course login required]
April Greiman
Sample Typographical Designs [course login required]
Wrong Browser Project
Screenshot 1 
Screenshot 2 
Richard Payne Knight
The Landscape, a Didactic Poem" (2d ed., 1795) (selections
Peri Hypsous (Section 7) (1st century A.D.)
Archibald McLeish
"Ars Poetica" (1926)
John Milton
Paradise Lost (1674)
Book 12, lines 285-314 
Ezra Pound
"In a Station of the Metro" & "Gentildonna" 
Joseph A. Schumpeter
Excerpts from Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy on "Creative Destruction" (1942)
Claude Shannon
The Mathematical Theory of Communication (1948)
from "Introduction" to Mathematical Theory of Communication 
Frederick Winslow Taylor
Excerpts on "Scientific Management" (1911-12)
James Thomson
"Celadon and Amelia" Episode from "Summer" in The Seasons (1727) 
William Wordsworth
"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" (1802/1803)
The Prelude, Book 10, lines 1-82 (1805)
"Tintern Abbey" ("Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of teh Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798")
Essays Upon Epitaphs (excerpts) (1810)
Letters on Kendal and Windermere Railway (excerpts) (1844)

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