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William Langland
Secondary Criticism   Suggest a Link
Martyn J. Miller (Temple U.) Meed, Mercede, and Mercy: Langland's Grammatical Metaphor and Its Relation to Piers Plowman as a Whole (essay; 1994)
Murray J. Evans (U. of Winnipeg) Piers Plowman and the Sublime (1997)
R. James Goldstein (U. of Auburn) "Why calle ye hym crist, sižen Iewes called hym Iesus?": The Disavowal of Jewish Identification in Piers Plowman B Text (essay in Exemplaria, 2001)
Bryan P. Davis (Georgia Southwestern State U.) Beating the Bounds Between Church and State: Official Documents in the Literary Imagination (1997)
Michael D.C. Drout (Wheaton C., Holland, MA) Piers's Good Will: Langland's Politics of Reform and Inheritance in the C-Text (1997)
Lawrence Warner (U. of Pennsylvania) Jesus the Jouster: The Christ-Knight and Medieval Theories of Atonement in Piers Plowman and the "Round Table" Sermons (1996)

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