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An Introduction to Palaeography (courses in medieval and early modern paleography; numerous paleographical resources available within) (Dave Postles, U. of Leicester)
An Anthology of Chancery English (e-texts of numerous bureaucratic writing samples, from the John H. Fisher, et. al 1984 edition) (Electronic Text Center, U. of Virginia)
Commission of Paleography and Codicology of Medieval Manuscripts in Austria (in German) (Austrian Academy of Sciences) <~Cat1~>
Cyndi's List: Handwriting and Script (annotated links, organized by topic, and more) (Cyndi Howells)
Andrew Zurcher (Cambridge U.) English Handwriting, 1500-1700: An Online Course (includes lessons, an extensive introduction, images, bibliography, and more; within Cambridge U.'s CERES site)
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts (devoted to analysis of the processes of studying New testament manuscripts) (Timothy W. Seid, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, IN)
Kevin S. Kiernan (U. Kentucky), "Digital Preservation, Restoration, and Dissemination of Medieval Manuscripts" 
Library History Database: The British Isles to 1850 (includes statistical information arranged by topic and region, data on, currently, 27,000 libraries across Britain, plus links, and more) (Robin Alston, U. College, London)
Paleography and Codicology: Introductory Bibliography (Martin Irvine, Georgetown U.)
The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking (exhibits, museum info, links, and more) (Georgia Tech)
RuneType: The Rune Typology Project (computerizing runic Inscriptions at the history museum in Bergen) (Espen S. Ore, National Library of Norway)
The Watermark Archive: Archive of Papers and Watermarks in Greek manuscripts (Robert W. Allison, Bates C., Lewiston)
The Thomas L. Gravell Watermark Archive (access to database) (U. Delaware, and Daniel W. Mosser and Ernest W. Sullivan, Virginia Tech)

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