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 •  Julie Van Camp (Calif. State U., Long Beach)
 •  Arlene Croce
 •  Laura Jacobs
 •  Joan Acocella
 •  Alexandra Tomalonis
 •  Mindy Aloff
 •  Jane Simpson
Research and Reviews   Suggest a Link
Dance Critics Association of America 
The New York Times: Dance (free registration required)
Joan Acocella
"What Critics Do" (1992) (DanceView; reprinted from Dance Ink)
"What's Good About Bad Reviews?" (1992) (DanceView; reprinted from Dance Ink)
Mindy Aloff
"Husbandry" (2000) (DanceView; reprinted from The New Republic)
"On Dance: The Waking Beauty" (1999) (part one, with links to parts two and three) (DanceView; reprinted from The New Republic)
"Sight Unseen" (1999) (DanceView; reprinted from The New Republic)
Paul Ben-Itzak "All the News That's Fit to Spit: The Incredibly Shrinking Minds of Dance Critics" (2001) (DanceInsider)
Bill Bissell Dance Advance (archive of commissioned articles on contemporary and culturally-specific dance forms) (Bill Bissell, Dance Advance)
Arlene Croce
"Discussing the Undiscussable" (1994) (a "non-review" of Bill T. Jones' Still/Here)
"Les Ballets Trockaderos Reviewed" (1974) 
Ann Daly (articles on contemporary dance and links) (Ann Daly, UT Austin)
George Jackson "Cinderella and the Waltz King" (1998) (DanceView)
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs, "Alessandra Ferri, Dancer" (2004) (interview) (Great Performances, PBS)
"Appreciating Ashton" (2004) (Great Performances, PBS)
"Balanchine's Castle" (1998) (The New Criterion)
"Figures in the Carpet" (1996) (The New Criterion)
"Frederick Ashton's England" (1997) (The New Criterion)
"How Good is the Kirov?" (2002) (The New Criterion)
"Jerome Robbins, 1918-1998" (1998) (The New Criterion)
"The Legacy of Mr. B" (1995) (The New Criterion)
"Mark Morris at BAM" (2003) (The New Criterion)
"Meaningless enchainments" (1999) (The New Criterion)
"Petipaw" (2002) (The New Criterion)
"Taking their Positions" (1997) (Washington Post)
"Taylor's Domain" (2001) (The New Criterion)
Alexander Meinertz "Etudes and Danish Classicism"  (DanceView)
Jane Simpson
"How Do You Get to be a Wili?" (2001) (DanceView)
"Kenneth MacMillan-- For Better or Worse?" (2003) (DanceView)
Alexandra Tomalonis
Henning Kronstsam, Portrait of a Danish Dancer (2002) (official site for Tomalonis' book)
Reviews (DanceView)
Julie Van Camp (Calif. State U., Long Beach)
Philosophical Problems of Dance Criticism (dissertation full text)
"Anti-Geneticism and Critical Practice in Dance" (1980) 
"Copyright of Choreographic Works" (1994) 
"Dance Criticism by Croce, Denby, and Siegel" (1992) 
"The Humanities and Dance Criticism" (1986) 
"The Philosopher in the Dance Department" (1997) 
Leigh Witchel Dance Writing (collection of essays)

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