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Dance in Asia   Suggest a Link
China and the great art "Nishangyuyi"  (info on dance History of China)(yaron margolin)
Kunqu: Humankind's Common Cultural Heritage  (info on Kunqu, "one of the earliest forms of traditional Chinese drama", also has links to articles on Chinese opera )(reporter Huo Jianying,China Today)
Lion Dance (info on history and technique of Lion and Dragon dance of China) (Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak)
India [Show]
Contemporary Dance in Japan  (explores "New wave in dance and butoh after the 1990s") (Kazuko Kuniyoshi)(Arts Midwest)
History of Japanese Dance (brief dance history of Japan, link to Japanese dance costume)
Japanese Dance (info on Japanese traditional dance, Nichibu) (nihon-buyou.com)
Japanese Dancing  (info on learning modern Japanese folk dance) (Yoko Aoyama)
Japanese Performing Arts: Bibliography (list of books on Japanese dance. also includes books on Japanese music, theatre, kabuki, puppet theatre)( East Asian Library of the University of Kansas)
Kabuki and Japanese Dance (explores links between Kabuki, traditional form of Japanese theater and Nihon Buyo,classical Japanese dance. excellent links to Kabuki)
Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy 
Performing Arts in Korea (basic info on various dances of Korea including Sungmu, Salp'uri among others)(AsianInfo.org)
Traditional Dance and Music (basic info on different Korean dances: chingiaemu, ilmu, Ch'oyong,Hangmu(Crane Dance) among others) (Yi Bo-hyung)(East Asian Studies, Indiana University)

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