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Christianity & Bible Studies
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Bibeln (Swedish Bible)
Bible Browser (searchable access to the Revised Standard, King James, and Vulgate versions) (Richard L. Goerwitz)
Bible Notes (summaries of both Old and New Testaments, review notes and keypoints) (BRN-PTRS)
Bible Windows (commercial bible studies program; Silver Mountain Software)
Computer-Assisted Bible Analysis (Harry Hahne, Ontario Theological Seminary / Chorus)
Deutsche Bibel (German-language hypertext Bible; extensively HTML-tagged) (Matthias Müller)
French Bible (Louis Segond translation)
King James Bible (hypertext)
King James Bible Arranged by Subject (Technische U., Delft, Netherlands)
King James Bible (search gateway to U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative text)
KJV WinBible for Windows (downloadable program facilitating the search, display, and output of the King James Version Bible) (Ian Vink)
Gerald A. Larue, Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) (Secular Web)
Multi-Language Editions of the Bible (German/English and Latin/English parallel editions of the Bible; includes the Vulgate New Testament) (Abilene Christian U.)
The Old English Bible: Electronic Old-English Texts of Biblical Literature (Catholic Center at Georgia Tech)
The Postmodern Bible (information about, and excerpts from, a collectively-written volume of scholarly essays illuminating "the current multidisciplinary debates emerging from postmodernism by exposing the still highly contested epistemological, political, and ethi
Revised Standard Bible (search gateway to U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative text)
The Tyndale New Testament ("only surviving textually complete copy of a print-run of 3,000 (possibly even 6,000) from the press of Peter Schoeffer in Worms") (British Library)
Vulgate Bible of St. Jerome (Latin)
Vulgate Bible (Brigham Young U.)
The Vulgate Project (Vulgate Bible formatted "to give the modern reader a more indexed and easy to follow edition"; available as plain text or as Adobe Acrobat and Postscript files) (Online Christian Classics)
World Wide Study Bible ("conceived as a means of organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the WWW according to scripture reference"; press on the link to a chapter of the Bible and go to a menu of all known online versions--e.g., King James, Revised St
WWW Bible Gateway (multilingual, searchable access to multiple versions of the Bible) (Calvin College, Michigan)

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