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Minority Studies
Multiracial   Suggest a Link
American Love Stories (PBS)
Association of MultiEthnic Americans, Inc. 
Biracial and Multiracial Individuals (About.com)
Black Native American Association 
The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families (PBS and WGBH/Frontline)
CensusScope -- Percent Multiracial Ranking (Social Science Data Analysis Network)
Children's and Young Adult Books with Interracial Themes (Cynthia Leitich Smith)
ColorQ World: interracial relations between non-Europeans, a non-Eurocentric world 
Eurasian Community (Emma)
EurasianNation ("online community for people of mixed European and Asian descent")
Frontline: Secret Daughter (PBS and WGBH/Frontline)
The Half Korean Page (David Lee Sanders)
Hapa Issues Forum ("national non-profit organization that provides diversity training to community organizations and leadership development to youth and young adults")
The Hapa Project (Kip Fulbeck)
Hapas.com ("forum and community all about the eurasian, biracial, multiracial, amerasian, mixed, blasian, hafu, half asian, and hapa")
International Interracial Association ("promoting interracial & intercultural harmony worldwide") (Konrad Hernblad)
Interracial Voice: The Philosophical "Voice of Conscience" of the Global Multiracial Movement (Charles Michael Byrd)
Interracial Relationships - Suite101.com 
Jewish Multiracial Network 
MAVIN Foundation ("nonprofit organization that is redefining diversity by celebrating multiracial and transracially-adopted youth")
MixedRace.com ("online community that brings together people from all races and ethnicities to celebrate the beauty of diversity")
Multiethnic society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Multiethnic Asian Americans Syllabus (Paul Spickard, U. California, Santa Barbara)
The Multiracial Activist - Dedicated to the Deconstruction of "Race" ("libertarian oriented activist journal covering social and civil liberties issues of interest to to individuals who perceive themselves to be 'biracial' or 'multiracial,' 'interracial' couples/families and 'transracial' adoptees")
Multiracial Patterns in the 50 States - Race Census 2000 (School of Policy, Planning, and Development, U. Southern California)
Multiracial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Multiracial Resources (Robyn Ochs)
People in Harmony ("interracial anti-racist organisation which promotes the positive experience of interracial life in Britain today and challenges the racism, prejudice and ignorance in society")
Polly Wanna Cracka? The Internet Resource for Interracial Relationships (Erik Max Francis)
Project RACE ("national organization leading the movement for a multiracial classification") (Jay Fubler Harvey)
Gregory Rodriguez, "Do the Multiracial Count?" (2000) (Salon.com)
Salon: News: Feature: "All Mixed Up" 
Charles Taylor, "Black and White and Taboo All Over" (2000) ("Hollywood is more phobic than ever about interracial love, but now it's blacks who are putting on the brakes") (Salon.com)
Transracial Abductees (angry site critiquing transracial adoption)
"You Don't Look Japanese" - Interracial/Biracial Resources 

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