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Medieval Britain
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Medieval English Towns (in-depth histories of certain English towns, plus extensive bibliography and links) (Stephen Alsford)
Medieval Legal History (primary texts, lecture material, links, from the Medieval Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. of North Florida)
14th Century Outline (Michael Hanly, Washington State U.)
Ian's English Calendar (dating resource for students of English history and literature: "converts between old and new style dates, calculates day of the week, British regnal years, and the date of Easter and other moveable religious holidays") (Ian McInnes, Albion C., Albion, MI)
Richard Brittnell (U. of Durham) Rural and urban elites in England during the later Middle Ages (essay, with bibliography)
History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents, 1066-1485 (links to primary sources) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
Medieval Scotland (numerous links to articles on aspects of medieval Scotland, including maps and archives) (Sharon L. Krossa, U. of Aberdeen)
Lynne M. Fors (U. Illinois Library) Chez La Veuve: Women Printers in Great Britain 1475-1700 (virtual exhibit, with images and articles)

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