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 •  Bede (aka The Venerable Bede)
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General Resources
The Old English Pages: Historical Contexts (anotated links, including many primary sources related to Anglo-Saxon England) (Catherine N. Ball, Georgetown U.)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (transcriptions into Old English, with very full editorial discussion, within the Georgetown Labyrinth site) (Tony Jebson)
Kemble: Anglo-Saxon Charters (numerous links to primary sources, as well as description of project) (Joint Committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters, British Academy-0Royal Historical Society)
History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents from Antiquity through 1065 (annotated links)(Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
The New Regesta Regum Anglorum: A searchable edition of the corpus of Anglo-Saxon royal diplomas 670-1066 (within the British Academy-Royal Historical Society's section on Anglo-Saxon charters) (Sean Miller)
Signal Dates in Anglo-Saxon History (David Wilson-Okamura, U. Chicago)
The Tribal Hidage (stats, a map, and more) (Tony Jebson)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (transcriptions into Old English, with very full editorial discussion, within the Georgetown Labyrinth site) (Tony Jebson)
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Yorkshire (U. of York)
Asser The Life of King Alfred (1847 English translation by Giles, , plus bibliography)(Online Medieval and Classical Library, U. California, Berkeley)
Bede (aka The Venerable Bede)
Bede's Story of Caedmon (facing Old English and modern English, with link to Latin text, with a wealth of linguistic information and full manuscript data) (Benjamin Slade, Johns Hopkins U.)
Bede Net (bibliography, plus numerous links to Bede-related resources)(Stephen J. Harris, U. of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Bede's World (museum homepage, with links to a biography, images from exhibitions, and more) (Museum of Early Medieval Northumbria at Jarrow)
Bede Bede's Ecclesiastical History of English (e-text of A.M. Sellar's 1907 English translation) (Christian Classics Ethereal Library, Calvin C.)
Bede Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum: The History of the Primitive Church of England (e-text of the William hurst 1814 translation into English) (Saint Pachomius Library)
The Laws of Alfred and Ine (Old English, based on Fowler and Smith edition of the Parker Chronicle MS) (Tony Jebson)
Medieval and Anglo-Saxon Recipes (recipes, in modern English, from The British Museum Cookbook (Michelle Berriedale-Johnson)
The Norman Conquest of England (1066)
The Battle of Hastings: A Brief History and Virtual Tour (virtual exhibit, with articles, images, and links) (Deborah Vess, Georgia C. and State U.)
The Battle of Hastings 1066 (extensive site, with background info, maps, images, and more) (Glen Ray Crack, Battle1066.com)
The Full Bayeux Tapestry (thumbnail images) (Glen Ray Crack)
Invasion of England, 1066 (historical overview, with illustrations from the Bayeux Tapestry) (eyewitnesstohistory.com)
William Malmesbury The Battle of Hastings, 1066 (English translation of excerpt from chronicle, within Fordham U.'s Medieval Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
Statutes of William the Conqueror (English translation, within the Avalon Project site) (Yale U.)
Tony Jebson The Ruthwell Cross (attempt to reconstruct inscription, with diagram, background, and references)
The Vikings
Nova: The Vikings (companion site to series, includes texts and images, as well as video and links) (Nova, PBS.org)
Regia Anglorum (homepage for group devoted to "Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History," with links to articles and news about re-enactment activities)
Viking Heritage (homepage, with link to general information including history, maps, and images) (Gotland U.)
World of the Vikings (homepage for collaborative project with page of Viking links) (National Museum of Denmark and York Archaeological Trust)
The Vikings and Money in England (essay based on the work of Glyn Davies) (Roy Davies, U. of Exeter)

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