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Minority Studies
Disability Studies   Suggest a Link
Abilityinfo - Disability Information for Students and Professionals 
About Disability & Disability Bibliography (Anthony Tusler)
Canadian Centre on Disability Studies 
Center on Disability Studies (U. Hawaii)
Center for Disabilities (South Dakota U.)
Centre for Disability Studies (Mark Priestley, U. Leeds)
Centrum för handikappforskning (Centre for Disability Research) (Uppsala U.)
College and Career Programs for Deaf Students (Susan J. King and Kevin J. Cole, Gallaudet U.)
Department of Disability and Human Development (U. Illinois, Chicago)
Disabilities Studies and Services Center (DSSC) 
Disability Archive UK (Leeds U.)
Disability Forum 
Disability History Museum (Straight Ahead Pictures)
Disability Related Links (The Arc of the United States)
Disability News - Infoxchange Australia 
Disability Online Resource Centre 
The Disability Rag's Ragged Edge Magazine Online 
Disability Research Institute (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Disability Research & Activism Resources (AJ Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities, U. Connecticut)
Disability Social History Project (Patricia Chadwick)
Disability Studies Online Magazine 
Disability Studies in the Humanities (American Studies Crossroads Project, Georgetown U.)
Disability Studies (Syracuse U.)
Disability Studies at Cal (DiSC) (U. California, Berkeley)
DISC: Disability Studies Academic Community (U. Maryland)
DRM Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet (Disability Resources, Inc.)
The DRM Webwatcher: Women with Disabilities (Disability Resources, Inc.)
EASI Homepage (Equal Access to Software and Information)
FAME: Faculty and Administrator Modules in Higher Education (series of five online training modules for university faculty and administrators working with students with disabilities: Rights and Responsibilities, Universal Design for Learning, Web Accessibility, College Writing, and Climate Assessment) (Ohio State U.)
Feminism and Disability Studies (Shelley Park, U. Central Florida)
IDS: Institute for Disability Studies (U. Southern Mississippi)
Institute for Human Development (Arizona U. Center on Disabilities, Northern Arizona U.)
Institute on Disability (U. New Hampshire)
Institute on Disabilities (Temple U.)
National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
National Rehabilitation Information Center 
Open Directory - Society: Disabled: Disability Studies (dmoz.org)
Research Alliance for Children with Special Needs 
Residential Care for the Developmentally Disabled: A Bibliography for Parents and Students (Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara)
Rose Sachs, "Integrating Disability Studies into Existing Curriculum" (Montgomery C., Montgomery County, Maryland)
SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet (Roseann Horner)
Society for Disability Studies (U. Illinois, Chicago)
Rosemarie Garland Thomson, "The New Disability Studies: Inclusion or Tolerance?" (1999) (ADFL Bulletin)
Women and Disability Resources (Barbara Robertson)
Women with Disabilities (National Women's Health Information Center)
World Rehabilitation Fund 

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