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Medieval Britain
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The Croyland Chronicle Continuations, 1453-1486 (e-text of selections, within the Richard II Online Library site) (Richard III Society, American Branch)
David Nash Ford Geoffrey of Monmouth (biography, with bibliography)
Michael Ullyot (U. of Toronto) Geoffrey of Monmouth (extended discussion of geoffrey, with emphasis on questions of sources, within a larger site devoted to the myth of Troy in the middle Ages)
Judith Weiss (U. of Cambridge) Geoffrey Monmouth (biography, hosted by the Literary Encyclopedia web site)
Gerald of Wales Giraldus Cambrensis or Gerald of Wales (extended introduction to Gerald,focusing on his travelogue in Wales, plus translated selections from Itinerarium Cambriae (Leonard James)
Chronicles and Society in Northern England in the Fourteenth Century (description of project aimed primarily at an e-text of Thomas Gray's Scalachronica, as well as broader treatment of northern chronicles) (Michael Prestwich, U. of Durham)
Thomas Gray Scalacronica, by Sir Thomas Gray (selections from Gray's chronicle, in Maxwell's 1907 translation)(Peter Konieczny, De Re Militari)
Raphael Holinshed The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland.) (facsimile reproductions from the 1587 Denham print) (Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image, U. Pennsylvania)
Raphael Holinshed The Historie of Scotland, conteining the beginning, increase, proceedings, acts and gouernement of the Scotish nation  (facsimile reproductions from the 1585 Denham print) (Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image, U. Pennsylvania)
Matthew of Westminster: Simon de Montfort's Rebellion 1265 (Ronge's 1853 translation, from the Medieval Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. of North Florida)
The Battle of the Bannockburn (1314), according to the Vita Edwardi Secundi (in Denholm-Young's 1957 English translation) (Peter Konieczny, De Re Militari)

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