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General Resources
Center for Western European Studies: Scandinavia (links, arranged by nation, in English) (Phil Wilken (U. of Pittsburgh)
Project Runeburg: Catalog (homepage in English; links to numerous primary texts in various Scandinavian languages) (Link÷ping U., Sweden)
Scandanavia Studies Web (links to scholarly sources, within the Western European Sections Studies Web) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
World History Archives: History of Scandinavia ("documents to support the study of world history from a working-class and non-Eurocentric perspective") (Haines Brown, Central Connecticut S.)
Medieval Scandinavia
Nova: The Vikings (companion site to series, includes texts and images, as well as video and links) (Nova, PBS.org)
Regia Anglorum (homepage for group devoted to "Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History," with links to articles and news about re-enactment activities)
Snorri Sturluson Heimskringla, or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway (English translation of full text) (Online Medieval and Classical Library, U. of California, berkeley)
Viking Heritage (homepage, with link to general information including history, maps, and images) (Gotland U.)
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga (virtual exhibit) (Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC)
The Vittifarne Association Expedition Vittfarne (explanation of scientific expedition to the Caucasus in the wake of the viking chieftain Ingvar the far-travelled one, in replica boat; in Swedish, English, Russian, and other Caucasus dialects)
World of the Vikings (homepage for collaborative project with page of Viking links) (National Museum of Denmark and York Archaeological Trust)
Danish History (timeline, with images) (Antti Lahelma and Johan Olofsson)
Denmark and the Crusading Movement (project description, articles, links, and more) (U. Southern Denmark)
Historisk Tidsskrift (journal of Danish and Nordic history; also includes research by Danish historians on other areas of history; in Danish with some English abstracts)
History of Denmark: Primary Documents (links to primary sources) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
Finland-- A Country Study (links to articles on Finnish culture, history, and government) (Library of COngress, Washington, DC)
History of Finland: Primary Documents (links to primary sources, arranged by time period) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
Finnish Witch Trials in Synopsis (1500-1750) (essay, with bibliography) (Marko Nenonen and Timo Kervinen)
Center for West European Studies (links) (Hil Wilken, U. of Pittsburgh)
Constitution of the Republic of Iceland (in English) (Government Offices of Iceland)
History of Iceland: Primary Documents (links to primary sources) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
Iceland History (timeline, with images) (Antti Lahelma, U. of Helsinki)
National and University Library of Iceland (in Icelandic, with link to translate to English)
Digital Archives: National Archives of Norway 
Norwegian History (timeline) (Antti Lahelma)
Norway 1940-45: Nazi Posters, Photos, Illegal Pamphlets, etc. (searchable image archive; texts and descriptions mainly in Norwegian) (U. Oslo Library)
The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (homepage for project, focused on censuses in the 18th and 19th Centuries) (U. of Troms°)
Orkneyjar-- The Heritage of the Orkney Islands (homepage with links to primary and secondary historical texts, as well as numerous articles and images related to Orkney culture) (Sigurd Towrie)
Swedish History (timeline, with images) (Antti Lahelma and Johan Olofsson)
History of Sweden: Primary Documents (links to primary sources) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young u.)
Iron Age in Southwest Sweden ("presents results from excavations of Iron Age and Early Medieval sites in southwest Sweden"; in English and in Swedish)
Battles of the Great Northern War 1700-1721 (chronology of battles, links, and two background articles) (Ken Sharman)

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