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Queer Studies
Transgender and Transsexual   Suggest a Link
ABGender.com - America's Most Popular Transgender Resource & Shopping Directory 
The Androygny RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) (Raphael Carter)
Shannon Bell, "Kate Bornstein: A Transgender Transsexual Postmodern Tiresias" (1994) (CTHEORY.net)
Butch Dyke Boy: Intersection of Boston's Queer and Transgender/Gender Queer Communities 
Center for Gender Sanity 
The Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition 
FTM International 
The Gender Identity Clinic (resources on transgender, diagnosis and care, transition and transformation, support services, reassignment surgery, etc.)
GenderTalk: Web Radio and Transgender Resources 
The Gender Trust 
GLADD: Trans Issues (Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists)
EJ Graff, "My Trans Problem: And How a Feminist Learned to Overcome It" (2001) Village Voice
The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. 
ITPeople.org: Intersex and Transgender People 
It's Time, America!
It's Time, America! Political Action for the Transgendered and Gender Variant Community 
It's Time, Florida! 
It's Time, Massachusetts! 
It's Time, Oregon! 
It's Time, The Carolinas! 
Karla Mantilla, "Men in Ewes' Clothing: The Stealth Politics of the Transgender Movement" (2000) (Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter)
Mermaids: Family Support Group for Children and Teenagers with Gender Identity Issues 
More Husbands Who Became Women (Oprah.com)
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition - NTAC 
Press for Change 
Salon Entertainment: Trans America (Salon.com)
Dean Spade, "Mutilating Gender" (2000) (Make, Craig and Dean)
Suggested Rules for Non-Transsexuals Writing about Transsexuals, Transsexuality, Transsexualism, or Trans ____ (Jacob Hale)
Susan's Place: Transgender Resources (Susan Larson)
TGNN - Transgendered Network News 
Transgender (Sandy Stone)
Transgender Forum (e-zine, resources, online community)
Transgender Law and Policy Institute 
Transgender Care 
Transgender at Work 
Trans-Health.com - The Online Magazine of Health and Fitness for Transsexual and Transgendered People 
TransProud - Be Yourself ("site for transgender youth"; "wide range of resources available for youth and educators")
Transsexualism [Part I] (Lynn Conway, U. Michigan)
Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History (Kay Brown)
Transsexuality (Jennifer Diane Reitz)
UK FTM Network 
Virginia Vitzthum, "Gender Warriors" (2000) (Salon.com)

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