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Latin America & Mexico
The Maya   Suggest a Link
The Ancient Maya (historical outline, plus sections on art and astronomy) (Michelle Ayache)
Mayan Bibliography (links and bibliography) (Christina Turner, Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Marilyn Davis (Southern Illinois U.) After the Fall (essay offering broad overview of Maya history)
Vive Griffith (U. Texas) Deciphering the Maya (image-filled essay on the work of Dr. Linda Schele on Maya writing)
Resources on Aztec & Mayan Law  (annotated bibliography) (Tarlton Law Library, U. Texas, Austin)
Teobert Maler: Photographer/Adventurer (articles and images relating to Maya history, as captured by Maler) (Mesoweb)
Maya Adventure (virtual exhibits, using scientific activities to explore Maya civilization; includes a photograph page) (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Maya Codices (information, images, and bibliography) (GB Online)
The Maya Pages (articles on culture, maps, and links) (Paula Giese)
The Maya Society of Minnesota (includes e-texts of articles, numerous links, and more) Lewis C. Messenger, Hamline U.)
Maya (historical overview, bibliography, and images) (Minnesota State U.)
The Mayas (part of World Civilizations site, with historical outline and images) (Richard Hooker, Washington State U.)
David Freidel (California State U., Hayward) Maya Warfare, Myth and Reality (essay)
Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy (virtual exhibits on the Maya, the Aztec, and the Anasazi) (Sonia Valdez, Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez, and Teryn Mattox, Pomona C.)
Mesoamerican Photo Archives (galleries arranged by area) (David R. Hixon, Tulane U.)
Mesoweb: An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures (links to articles on history, archaeology, art, and more) (Joel Skidmore)
Mundo Maya (homepage, with articles and images on history, legends, and art) (Organización Tips S.A. de C.V. Cancún, México)
The Palenque Project (homepage for the Group of the Cross archaeological project)
David Stuart (Harvard U.) Hieroglyphs and History at Copán (articles on Maya writing in general and as analyzed at this site) (Peabody Museum, Harvard U.)
Unmasking the Maya (virtual exhibit, including historical background and a focus on current cultural conditions in Chiapas) (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC)
David Freidel (Southern Methodist U.) Waka and the Maya (historical and cultural overview, with archaeological focus)

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