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Latin America & Mexico
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1492 Exhibit (Columbus and the New World) (Library of Congress electronic exhibit)
Eduardo R. Saguier (CONICET [Argentinean Research Council]_) Un Debate Historico Inconcluso en la America Latina (1600-2000) (site ranging from "colonial" Peru to contemporary Argentina, including articles, documentary research, maps, tables, and links)
The Historical Text Archive: Latin America Page (Don Mabry, Mississippi St. U)
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Colonial Latin America (links to primary documents; links to pages for 19th and 20th century pages) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
Lanic: Latin American Information Network Center (links for studies in culture, history, politics and more, arranged by subjects) (U. Texas, Austin)
Latin American History (links arranged by topic) (Snowcrest.net)
Latin American History: A Guide to Resources & Research on the Web  (links arranged by topic) (History Department, U. Colorado)
Latin American History: Internet Resources (links, arranged y subject, with 20th-century focus) (Marc Becker, Truman State U.)
Latin American Chronology (from ancient to modern) (Marc Becker, Truman State U., Kirksville, MO)
Latin American Prehistory (virtual exhibits, iun sections on history, culture, archaeology, anthropology, biology and more) (Minnesota State University, Mankato)
Latin American Studies: Selected Internet Resources (annotated links; includes section on history) (Latin American Collection, Yale U.)
Mankato's Latin American Prehistory (wide-ranging site, with articles and images across Latin America) (Minnesota State U.)
Maps of the Americas (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, U. Texas, Austin)
Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy (virtual exhibits on the Maya, the Aztec, and the Anasazi) (Sonia Valdez, Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez, and Teryn Mattox, Pomona C.)
Mesoamerican Photo Archives (galleries arranged by area) (David R. Hixon, Tulane U.)
Mesoweb: An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures (links to articles on history, archaeology, art, and more) (Joel Skidmore)
Museo de las Americas (art images and historical overviews, from ancient to modern)(Denver, CO)
UNESCO: La Historia General de América Latina (project involving numerous historians, covering a wide range of periods; in Spanish or English) (UNESCO)
History of US Interventions in Latin America (timeline) (Marc Becker, Truman State U., Kirksville, MO)
World History Archives: South America (Haines Brown, Central Connecticut S.)
World History Compass: Latin America (annotated links) (Robert Schiller)
World History Archives: Americas History Archives (emphasis on labor history) (Haines Brown, Central Connecticut S.)

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