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 •  World Civilizations: Japan (Washington State U.)
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Bibliography of Japanese History up to 1912 (arranged both by topic and time period) (Peter Kornicki, U. of Cambridge)
A Chronology of Japanese History (fairly detailed overview, with pages arranged by periods, including information about the 'mythology' of Japanese pre-history) (David Turkington, U. Illinois at Chicago)
Currency Museum (historical exhibits, links to essays, arranged by time period) (Bank of Japan, Tokyo)
Jared Diamond (U. California, Los Angeles) "Just who are the Japanese? Where did they come from, and when?" (1998) (article focusing on linguistic distinctiveness of Japan, as well as on the history of the Ainu, Japanese, and Koreans)
An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources: Japan: History (annotated links, arranged by period) (Robert Y. Eng, U. of Redlands)
History of Euro-Japanese Cultural Relations (index of links and historical materials) (Wolfgang Michel-Zaitsu, National U. of Kyushu)
History of Japan: Nara to Modern (articles and links on history and culture, plus maps, within the Global Consortium site) (Richard Stockton C., Pomona, NJ)
Global History Consortium: The History of Japan (articles and links on history and culture, plus maps) (Richard Stockton C., Pomona, NJ)
Bill Gordon (Wesleyan U.) Japan-Related Papers and Essays (annotated list of e-texts of essays focused on modern Japanese history, along with discussions of linguistics)
History of Japan: A Chronological Outline (Amy Vladeck Heinrich, Columbia U.)
The Historiographical Institute, U. of Tokyo (includes "historical documents relating to Japan in foreign countries" section, plus organizational info; in Japanese, English, German, or French) (U. of Tokyo)
A Country Study: Japan (historical, cultural, political and economic information, from ancient to modern times, arranged by topic) (Ronald E. Dolan and Robert L. Worden, Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Japanese Historical Maps (East Asian Library, U. California, Berkeley)
Japanese Historical Text Initiative (archived texts, in English and in Japanese) (U. California, Berkeley)
JGuide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources: History (annotated links, arranged by period) (Stanford U.)
Japan Maps (from the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection) (U. Texas, Austin)
Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire (companion site to PBS series, with virtual exhibits of aspects of life in Edo, timelines, teachign resources, and more) (Public Broadcasting Service)
Ilya Gruntov Monumenta Altaica: Altaic Linguistics (devoted to linguistic and historical analyses of Turkic, Mongolian, Japanese, Manchu-Tungus, and Korean languages; sections on "monumental" texts, grammars, articles, and more; in English or Russian)
National Museum of Japanese History  (exhibits and articles; in Japanese and in English)(Sakura, Japan)
Soramitsu: Historical-geographical tour of Nara from the air (with a satellite image of Nara as a map, you can search out articles arranged by both period and locale) (Noboru Ogata, Kyoto U.)
Japanese History Documentation Project (downloadable encyclopedia, bibliographical and history files) (Chris Spackman)
Timeline of Japanese History (article and images for each period) (Minnesota State U., Mankota)
Topics in Medieval Japanese History (modules for textbooks, covering Japanese history and culture up to the 17th Century) (Pennsylvania State U.)
World Civilizations: Japan (Washington State U.)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) Ancient Japan: Jomon and Yayoi (overview)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) Feudal Japan (sections on history from the Heiji War to the Ashikaga Bakufu, culture, religion, and more, within the World Civilizations site)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) Heian Japan (overview of the Heian Period, 794-1192)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) Tokugawa Japan (1603-1868) (articles on history and culture)

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