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Ancient Japan (Jomon and Yayoi Periods)   Suggest a Link
Ancient Japan (designed as a course, with historical and cultural texts, links, and more) (Richard Hooker, Washington State U.)
Japanese Archaeology (outline, chronology, and images, both prehistoric and historic) (Charles T. Keally, Sophia U., Tokyo)
Asuka Historical Museum (articles and images) (Yasuhito Kakiya)
Gary Crawford Origins of the Ainu (opening page of site devoted to the history and culture of the Ainu, with a focus on archarological evidence) (Nova Online, Public Broadcasting Service)
Jared Diamond (U. California, Los Angeles) Japanese Roots (historical essay on Japan's prehistorical ethnic origins, from a biologist's perspective)
Memory of Jomon Period (links to articles and images, with an archaeological focus, in English) (Tokyo U.)
The Paleolithic Period/Jomon Period (within the Timeline of Japanese History exhibit; in English or in Japanes) (Minnesota State U., Mankota)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) Ancient Japan: Jomon and Yayoi (overview)
Niigata Prefectural Museum (exhibits, news, links, with a focus on the Jomon Period; in Japanese, Chinese, or English) (Nagaoka-shi, Japan)
Opening the Doors to Jomon Culture: From the Sannai Maruyama Site to the Jomon Archipelago (overview of museum exhibit, with an image from the collection) (National Museum of Japanese History, Sakura)

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