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Chinese History (to Qing Dynasty) (general historical links, arranged by time period, to 1911) (East Asian Library, U. Southern California)
An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources: China: History (Robert Y. Eng, U. Redlands)
China Historical Geographic Information System (CHGIS)  (collaborative project with objective to "create a flexible tool that can be used to investigate any sort of geographically specific data related to China, involving numerous universities) (Yenching Institute, Harvard U., et. al.)
A Country Study: China (historical, cultural, political and economic information, from ancient to modern times, arranged by topic) (Robert L. Worden, Andrea Matles Savada and Ronald E. Dolan, Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Colin Chinnery The History of Chinese Bookbinding (images and articles) (International Dunhuang Project)
Chimed: The History of Chinese Medicine (links and articles, program information, and more) (Albion C.)
Classical Historiography for Chinese History (articles and bibliographies) (Benjamin A. Elman, U. California, Los Angeles and Princeton U.)
Classified Bibliography of Reference Works on Chinese Historical Geography (bibliographies, arranged by subject) (Thomas H. Hahn, Cornell U.)
Concise Political History of China  (annotated timeline, with material compiled from Compton's Living Encyclopediawithin larger Chinese Cultural Studies site) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners (articles, arranged by time period) (Paul Frankenstein)
Era and Timeline of Chinese History (in Chinese and in English; requires Chinese character capability to see pages correctly) (Seke Wei)
The Fairbanks Chinese History Virtual Library (virtual exhibits, with historical analysis)(Robert Gray, U. of Michigan)
Global History Consortium: China (articles and links on history and culture, plus maps) (Richard Stockton C., Pomona, NJ)
Barend J. ter Haar's Website (includes bibliographies on Violence, Protest, and other topics in Chinese History) (Barend J. ter Haar, U. Leiden)
Paul Halsall (U. North Florida) Chinese Culture (Brooklyn College course web-site, with links to articles and images)
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (annotated links on all subjects, part of WWW Virtual Library) (Hanno E. Lecher, Leiden U., Netherlands)
A Country Study: Macau (historical, cultural, political and economic information, from ancient to modern times, arranged by topic) (Robert L. Worden, Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Historical Maps of China (part of the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection) (U. Texas, Austin)
Taiwan Maps (from the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection) (U. Texas, Austin)
the National Museum of China (virtual exhibitions, in Chinese and in English) Beijing, China)
Leon Poon (U. of Maryland) History of China (sections with a timeline and with articles arranged by topic)
China (images and multimedia resources, includes "bibliographies" section with numerous resources on Chinese culture and history) (Marilyn Shea, U. Maine, Farmington)
Silk Road Seattle (virtual exhibits, including maps and articles, exploring the Silk Road to the 17th Century) (Daniel C. Waugh, U. Washington)

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