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Postindustrial Business Theory
Business Ethics / Business & Society   Suggest a Link
Business Ethics Resources on WWW (Centre for Applied Ethics, U. British Columbia)
Center for Ethics, Capital Markets, and Political Economy ("The basic idea is that the concepts and vocabulary of economics no longer incorporate the moral standards according to which most people live their lives. This has caused ways of thinking and acting to evolve in the finance and public policy
Ethics Resource Center ("nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization visioning an ethical world through three distinct areas of expertise: business/organizational ethics consulting; character education; and, ethics information clearinghouse"; most resources
Charles M. Horvath, "Macro and Micro: The Emerging Field of Organizational Ethics" (Online Journal of Ethics)
John F. Hulpke (Calif. State U., Bakersfield), Business and Society (course)
Institute for Business & Professional Ethics (DePaul U.)
Institute for Global Ethics ("independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan organization")
On-Line Journal of Ethics ("cutting edge research in the field of business & professional ethics")
Jon M. Shepard, et al. (R.B. Pamplin C. of Business, Virginia Polytechnic Inst.), "Teaching Business Ethics Through Literature" (Online Journal of Ethics)

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