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 •  The American Revolutionary War
 •  Hypertext on American History (Primary Documents)
U. S.
Revolutionary America (to 1791)   Suggest a Link
The American Revolutionary War
The American Revolution: National Discussions of Our Revolutionary Origins (articles and links; designed to complement PBS's Liberty! series) (Mark L. Cornbluh, Michigan State U.)
americanrevolution.org (links, cultural and historical information, and images (History Channel)
The Battle of Brooklyn (essay) (Brooklyn Online)
The Battle of Breed's Hil/Bunker Hill (synopsis, with statistics and tactical info) (AROTC, Worcester Polytechnic I.)
Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (includes historical articles and images) (CTSSAR, East Haddam, CT)
Robert K. Wright, Jr. The Continental Army (monograph on army organization) (US Army Center for Military History)
Historical Statements Concerning the Battles of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina (e-text of 1928 publication) (US Army Center for Military History
Drums Along the Mohawk: The American Revolution on the New York Frontier (chronicles, letters, timeline, and more) (Gregory F. Ketcham)
Expédition Particulière (history of French involvement, including links) (Xenophon Group)
The Papers of Nathanael Greene (historical information, primary sources, links) (Dennis M. Conrad, U. of South Carolina)
Intelligence in the War of Independence (articles, primary documents) (Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC)
Military Science: Army ROTC, Bay State Batallion (links to detailed analysis of 4 Revolution battles) (AROTC, Worcester Polytechnic I.)
National Park Service: The American Revolution (links to exhibits) (NPS, US Dept. of the Interior)
The Oneidas and the Birth of the American Nation (history of Oneida military involvement) (Oneida Indian Nation, NY)
The Philadelphia Campaign, 1777 (developing site, with articles and images)(Independence Hall Association, Philadelphia, PA)
Histories of the Battle of Saratoga (links to historiographical accounts) (Richard Jensen, U. of Illinois-Chicago)
W. Gilmore Simms The Life of Francis Marion (e-text biography of "the Swamp Fox" general) (Project Gutenberg, Champaign, IL)
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (homepage, links to historical articles and bibliography) (SAR, Louisville, KY)
Spy Letters of the American Revolution (texts, historical articles, chronology) (Clements Library, U. of Michigan)
Valley Forge National Historical Park (includes links to historical information) (National Park Service, US Dept. of the Interior)
Yorktown Campaign (August-October 1781) (summary, bibliography, maps, images) (Xenophon Group)
Thomas Paine (links to texts by Thomas Paine) (Secular Web)
the Declaration of Independence (articles, images, and links) (Independence Hall Association, Philadelphia, PA)
J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, Letters From An American Farmer (Eric J. Gislason & Jill Spearman, U. Virginia)
English Caricature Prints: 1720-1820 (virtual exhibit, with text by Edward Hammond) (Haley and Steele, Boston, MA)
First Federal Congress Project (documentary history of 1789-91 congress) (George Washington U.)
Founding Fathers Info (articles, images, flag history, and more) (Chris Witten)
Hypertext on American History (Primary Documents) (U.of Groningen, Netherlands):
John Adams, Novanglus, February 6, 1775 
Second Continental Congrees, Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, July 6, 1775 
Final Text of the Declaration of Independence, July 4 1776 
Jefferson's Draft of the Declaration of Independence 
Jefferson's Notes on Slavery 
Letter of George Washington to John Hancock, September 24, 1776 
Virginia Declaration of Rights, 1776 
Draft for a Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, by Jefferson, 1779 
Articles of Confederation, 1781 
James Madison, Memorial and Remonstrance -1785 
Annapolis Convention, 1786 
The Complete Federalist Papers 
Letter Presenting the Constitution 
The Northwest Ordinance 
USA Constitution 
Bill of Rights and the Amendments to The Constitution 
Madison Speech Proposing the Bill of Rights, June 8, 1789 
Proclamation of Neutrality, 1793 
Greenville Treaty with a Number of Indian Tribes, 1795 
Washington's Farewell Address, 1796 
Thomas Jefferson (virtual exhibit)(Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
The Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress (virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Bruce Johansen Forgotten Founders: Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution (full e-text of 1982 book)
John Bull and Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations (virtual exhibit focused on relations leading up to the Revolutionary War, along with consequences) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Madison's Treasures (virtual exhibit) (Library of COngress, Washington, DC)
Original Proposal Draft of The Bill of Rights of the U. S. (Karpeles Manuscript Library)
Rare Maps from Revolutionary America (U. Georgia)
the Betsy Ross Homepage (links to images and articles) (Independence Hall Association, Philadelphia, PA)
Temple of Liberty: Building the Capitol for a New Nation (virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
George Washington's Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799 (virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)

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