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 •  History Of Individual Companies
Postindustrial Business Theory
Business History   Suggest a Link
Business History 
Business History Archives (K. Austin Kerr, Ohio State U.)
Business History Society of Japan (in English & Japanese) (Takau Yoneyama, Kyoto Sangyo U.)
Business History at Ohio State U. 
Centre for International Business History (U. Reading)
The Evolution of Management (slide lecture from course on management and organizational behavior) (Eric Hoppenfeld, San Francisco State U.)
The Frederick W. Taylor Project (project that is "preserving and disseminating the F. W. Taylor Collection at the Stevens Institute of Technology by establishing the on-line Taylor archive")
The History Factory ("an organization of archivists, professional historians and commmunication specialists working for the competitive advantage of business. We help corporations use their past to cultivate their present and create their future"; provides
History Of Individual Companies
Ford Motor Co. Historical Library 
History of Individual Companies (Business History at Ohio State U.)
Mobil: History (Mobil)
Standard Oil of Ohio (Now BP): An Outline History (BP)
Union Pacific Railroad History 
John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History (Duke U. Special Collections Library)
Journal of the Business History Conference 
Museum of American Financial History (New York, NY) ("chronicling the history of America's capital markets")
Subject Guide to Business History (U. Maryland at College Park Libraries)
WWW Virtual Library: Labour and Business History (The International Institute of Social History / The Netherlands Economic History Archive)

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