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Mughal Art   Suggest a Link
The Synthesis of European and Mughal Art in the Emperor Akbar’s Khamsa of Nizami (explores the relationship between European and Mughal art) (Gregory Minissale)
Shah Jahan
Mughal Miniature Paintings
Mughal School of Art (Nitin Kumar) (exoticindia.com)
Miniature Painting under Shash Jahan (indiancanvas.com)
Mughal Architecture
Taj Mahal
Architecture of the Taj
Taj Mahal (brief info on history and architcure of the Taj) (ucla.edu)
The Taj Mahal : Architecture of a Love Story (essay on Taj)(exoticinida.com)
Taj Mahal : The Architectural Guide (Travelers Hub Pvt. Ltd)
Taj Mahal Commentary (Sir Banister Fletcher) (A History of Architecture)
Taj Mahal Architecture (info on history and architecture of the Taj ) (India Travel Agents)
Forgotten Wonders: Taj Mahal (Alaa K. Ashmawy)
The Taj Mahal (essay on Taj- excerpts from Koran) (Khalid Mubireek) (Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization)
Design and Layout of Taj Mahal (City Linkers Tours & Travels)
The Taj Controversy
Taj Mahal - A Hindu Temple-Palace (presents the arguement the Taj was not built by Shah Jahan but is Tejo Mahalaya, Hindu temple- palace)
Was the Taj Mahal a Vedic Temple? The Photographic Evidence ("This presents photographs that show the Vedic influence found in such buildings as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and other structures in India") (Stephen Knapp)
The Taj Impact ( controversy over the multi-crore Taj Heritage Corridor project) (Purnima S. Tripathi) (Frontline)
The Question of the Taj Mahal (presents the arguement that the Taj was "originally built as a temple in the 12th century AD, and was subsequently used as a palace by the 'alien aggressors'") (P.S. Bhat and A. L. Athawale) (Itihas Patrika, Vol. 5, pp 98-111, 1985)
The Tajmahal is Tejomahalay- A Hindu Temple (article that argues that "Tajmahal is not a Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva Temple known as Tejo Mahalaya") (P.N.Oak)
Taj Mahal was Tejo Mahalaya, claims website (news snippet on the Taj controversy) (The Deccan Herald, Dec 26, 2000)
The Taj Mahal (h2g2 Researchers)
Mughal Gardens
Mughal History
General Resources
Mughal Art and Architecture  (overview of Mughal art under Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan and decline under Aurangzeb) (Columbia University Press)
Birds and Animals in Indian Art - The Mughal Artist as a Naturalist ( explores the memoirs Of Jahangir, commonly known as Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri)( Nitin Kumar) (exoticindia.com)
The Legacy of Islamic Empires and their Arts (comprehensive info on the rise and fall of Mughal empire and art)(Khalid Mubireek) (Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization)
The Rise and Fall of the Mughals  (South Asian History) (Shishir Thadani)

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