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 •  Saraswati painting controversy
 •  Films by Hussain
Modern and Contemproray art of India
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Saraswati painting controversy
Censorship Myths and Imagined Harms  (essay on religion, policitcs and art in contemporary India. discusses Hussain- Saraswati contovery) (Shohini Ghosh)
Vandals at large (news snippet reporting the "damaging of M.F. Hussainís painting of Goddess Durga at a public gallery in Surat")( The Tribune,Chandigarh, India)
M. F. Hussain to face trial  (news snippet about the contoversy) (witsindia.com)
Leave Husain alone (essay on relationship between artistic license and Hussain's contoversial image of the goddess) (The Free Press Journal)
Issues and Debates in India: Sexuality Comparive Reality and History (essay on sexuality with discussion on Hussain controversy)(Alok Srivastava and Jashodhara Dasgupta)
M F Husain absolved  (news snippet on the contoversy and the leagl actions)(The Peninsula)
Films by Hussain
This film is my tribute to women: M F Husain (interview with the artist on his film gajagmanini, includes synopsis, stills and his paintings)
The magnificient paintings from Gajagamini 
M.F.Hussain: I prefer to express myself through a woman (interview with the artist in reference to Gajagamini)(Jaahnavi P Paal) (shaadi.com)
Meenaxi - Tale of 3 Cities
Meenaxi (synopsis of the film) (apunkachoice.com)
Meenaxi  (review of Hussain's movie)
Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities  (description of the movie- frame by frame)
Film Review - Meenaxi: A Tale Of Three Cities  (Chitra Parayath) (lokvani.com)
M F Hussain's pseudo-secular, says VHP  (controversy of meenaxi) (Deccan Herald)
M.F. Hussian (profile and paintings of the artits, includes info on Progressive Artists' Group) (Sourendu Gupta)
M.F. Husain  (artist's profile) (indianest.com)

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