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 •  Lawrence Lessig (Stanford Law)  
Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues   Suggest a Link
Berkeley Intellectual Property Weblog 
Copyfight: The Politics of IP ("we'll explore the nexus of legal rulings, Capitol Hill policy-making, technical standards development and technological innovation that creates--and will recreate--the networked world as we know it. Among the topics we'll touch on: intellectual property conflicts, technical architecture and innovation, the evolution of copyright, private vs. public interests in Net policy-making, lobbying and the law, and more")
Derek Slater (Harvard) A Copyfighter's Musings ("his blog is primarily a place to discuss current copyright/internet law issues. This blog will mostly focus on questions I have about the future of copyright with respect to the Internet and digital media. My posts will point towards one question: "what is the best possible policy for copyright in the digital age?"
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (links to resources; emphasis on libraries) (Berekeley Digital Library)
Creative Commons ("Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright")
Cory Doctorow "Digital Rights Management" (2004) (talk presented to Microsoft on the futility of DRM) (link to text, annotated version of text, audio versions, and translations)
Intellectual Property Online: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Lawrence Lessig (Stanford Law) [Show]
Ernest Miller (Yale Law) "The Importance Of . . ." ("research and writing on cyberlaw, intellectual property, and First Amendment issues")
Kevin J. Heller Tech Law Advisor ("an Internet and Intellectual Property Law weblog")
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 
U.S. Copyright Office 

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