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The Middle East
Iraq (and Babylon, Mesopotamia)   Suggest a Link
Assyria (article and images) (Minnesota State U.)
Ancient Assyria (Subartu) History (articles and images, within the Historry of the Ancient Near East Electronic COmpendium) (Mark Alan McDonald)
Mesopotamia: The Assyraians (article within the World Civilizations site) (Richard Hooker, Washington State U.)
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (text and images; within the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World site) (Alaa K. Ashmawy, U. South Florida)
The History of Plumbing: Babylonia (article, with image) (1989) (Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine)
Babylon ("It is the year 580BC and the city of Babylon is at its greatest. Under the rule of king Nebuchadnezzar the magnificent city is considered the mightiest and most beautiful in the known world. . . .") (Daniel Craig Walton)
Hammurabi Hammurabi's Code of Laws (King translation, within the Exploring Ancient World Cultures site) (U. of Evansville)
Iraq: Country Study (historical, geographical and cultural information, arranged by topic) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
A Country Study: Iraq (historical, cultural, political and economic information, from ancient to modern times, arranged by topic) (Helen Chapin Metz, Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Ancient Tablets, Ancient Graves: Accessing Women's Lives in Mesoptamia (article, images, quotes, bibliography, within the Women in World History Curriculum web site (Lyn Reese)
Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia (historical article, within the Asclepion web site) (U. Indiana, Bloomington)
Ancient Mesoptamian History (annotated links, within the CivWeb site) (Providence C.)
Mesopotamia in the Era of State Formation (description of archaeological project concerning "the so-called Uruk Expansion and theories of cultural change in Greater Mesopotamia during the fourth millennium B.C." (School of American Research Advanced Seminar, Santa Fe, NM)
Mesopotamia 9000-5000 BC (timeline) (Western Civ. Dept, U. of San Francisco)
The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project (State Archives of Assyria) (critically edited texts concerning history in and around Nineveh; has link to project home page) (I. of Asian and African Studies, U. of Helsinki)

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