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 •  MANAS: Indian History and Politics (Vinay Lal, U. California, Los Angeles)
India and Pakistan
General Resources   Suggest a Link
Internet Indian History Sourcebook (links to primary and secondary sources, arranged by topic and by period) (Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
An Outline of Jain History (items listed, with links to articles and related external sites) (Yashwat K. Malaiya, Colorado State U.)
Kamat's Potpourri: Timeline of India (items arranged by chronological period, with items linked to articles, plus images) (Krishnanand Kamat, et. al)
South Asian HIstory: India (links, arranged by period) (U. California, Berkeley Library)
MANAS: Indian History and Politics (Vinay Lal, U. California, Los Angeles)
(Vinay Lal, U. California, Los Angeles) MANAS:  (extensive site, with sections on history, culture, and religion)
The Mughal Empire 
Ancient India 
British India 
Mahatma Gandhi 
A Country Study: Pakistan (historical, cultural, political and economic information, from ancient to modern times, arranged by topic) (Peter Blood, Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Kelley L. Ross (Los Angeles Valley C.) Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan (article covering the general history of rule in these countries, with images, tables, and maps)
South Asian History: Pages from the History of the Indian Sub-Continent (links to articles, book reviews, and more, arranged by topic; within a larger South asian History site) (Shishir Thadani)

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