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Military History
Modern Japan
Russo-Japanese War   Suggest a Link
Bill Gordon (Wesleyan U.) "Explanations of Japanís Imperialistic Expansion, 1894-1910" (2003) (overvioew essay that runs through various theories of imperialism and weighs the value of these to the subject)
Anita Newcombe McGee The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905 (article "exhibit," with focus on medicine) (National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington, DC)
The Russo-Japanese War and American Popular Opinion  (within the Meeting of Frontiers website, in English and in Russian) (Library of COngress, Washington, DC)
The History of the Russian Navy: Port Arthur: Prologue (articles on the Russo-Japanese war, in English) (Russian Navy)
Laurie Barber Russo-Japanese War (historical essay, with images; part of a larger site on Georgi H. Zhukov)
The Russo-Japanese War Research Society (numerous articles, documents, and images)
The Treaty of Portsmouth (1905) (full text of treaty resolving the Russo-Japanese War)(Brigham Young U.)
Yale University Library: Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905  (description of microfilm project, with historical overview of related documents) (Slavic and East European Collections, Yale U. Library)

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