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Native American
California Indian Tribes   Suggest a Link
Lovell's Report on the Cahuilla Indians, 1854 (e-text, from the San Diego Journal of History, 1976) (Robert W. Frazer, California State U., Long Beach, and the San Diego Historical Society)
Early California History: Southern California Before 1900 (links to primary texts, articles, and timelines) (Francis Steen, U. California, Los Angeles)
Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians (includes maps and bibliographies arranged by tribe) (California Indian Library Collections, U. California, Berkeley)
Chumash History (overview, with links to cultural information) (Wishtoyo Foundation
Chumash History (overview) (Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians)
Five Views: A History of American Indians in California (National Park Service)
Wendy Holliday, "Hopi History: The Story of the Alcatraz Prisoners, Part 1" (includes links to Part 2 and an essay on the story of American Indian inmates at Alcatraz) (National Park Service)
Native Californian Cultures: Ishi and Intercultural Objects (article son the Ishi, the Yahi, and related tribes) (Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, U. California, Berkeley)
Richard L. Carrico (San Diego State U.) Sociopolitical Aspects of the 1775 Revolt at Mission San Diego de Alcala: an Ethnohistorical Approach  (Journal of San Diego History, 1997)
Kimberly Hedrick (U. California, Riverside) Taking Stock of Indian Ranching (articles on ranching in general, as well as on specific tribes, plus bibliography)
Nancy Carol Carter (U. of San Diego) Chronology of the Indigenous Peoples of San Diego County (timeline-style historical overview, with some links)
The Costanoans, the Ohlone, and Prehistory of San Francisco Bay (historical overview of San Francisco-area indigenous history, with images and more, within the "Unvanished Story" site) John H. Jameson, Southeast Archaeological Society
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians: History (overview, with links to homepage with mmore resources) (San Manuel Band of Mission Indians)
The Tachi-Yokut Tribe: The History of Our People (historical overview, with links to larger site on tribal culture)

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