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Native American
The Iroquois Confederacy (Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca)   Suggest a Link
The Iroquois Constitution (U. of Oklahoma Law Center)
Lee Sultzman Iroquois History (overview, with links to other on-site tribal histories)
Iroquois Confederacy-- Links (links to primary texts and historical articles) (Chuck LaChiusa)
Iroquois Information Links (links to texts of treaties and other articles) (Tuscaroras.com)
Iroquois (articles and constitution) (James Madison U., Harrisonburg, VA)
Bruce Johansen Forgotten Founders: Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution (full e-text of 1982 book)
Lee Sultzman Neutrals History (overview, with links to other on-site tribal histories)
The Oneidas and the Birth of the American Nation (history of Oneida military involvement) (Oneida Indian Nation, NY)
Oneida Indian Nation: Culture and History (articles on key historical events and treaties) (Oneida, NY)
The Six Nations: Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth  (articls, images, and links) (John Kahiones Fadden)
Darren Bonaparte The Wampum Chronicles: Mohawk Territory on the Internet (articles, links and images "dedicated to the study of history, culture, and contemporary issues of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) Nation, with an emphasis on the Mohawks of the St. Lawrence River Valley")

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