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Spain and Portugal
Latin America & Mexico
Military History
The Conquistadors   Suggest a Link
Gerard Pigeon (U. California, Santa Barbara) The Antillians: The Spanish Conquistadors (section on conquistador activity, within a site devoted to the Antillian islands)
Cabeza de Vaca: All the World is Human (virtual exhibit within the Conquistadors site based on the work of Michael Wood) (Public Broadcasting Service)
1492 Exhibit (Columbus and the New World) (Library of Congress electronic exhibit)
Michael Wood, et. al. Conquistadors (virtual exhibits on da Vaca, Cortes, Pizarro, and Orellana) (Public Broadcasting Service)
Pizarro: The Conquest of the Incas (virtual exhibit within the Conquistadors site based on the work of Michael Wood) (Public Broadcasting Service)
The Conquest of the Aztec Empire: Hernán Cortés (overview, within "The European Voyages of Exploration" site) (U. Calgary)
Bryan Pavlovich Hernando Cortez (historical overview by a high school student, with images and bibliography)
Franco de los Cobos Instructions to Conquistadors, 1517 (English translation of original text) East Tennessee State U.)
Ancient Middle America: European Exploration (map of Aztec empire, images, links)(Tim Roufs, U. Minnesota, Duluth)
A Journey through the Spanish Conquest (features timeline, bibliography, primary sources form both native and Spanish participants, plus conquistador biographies) (Jeff Schultz and Sean Johnson, U. Michigan)
The Spanish Invasion: Cortés and La Malinche (part 1 of multi-page historical overview of the conquest of Mexico, within the MEChA site) (MECHA, California State U., Los Angeles)

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