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North America
Post-Contact North America   Suggest a Link
General Resources for Post-Contact North American Art
The Archives of American Art ("the largest collection of documents on the history of the visual arts in the United States," site includes a searchable collection catalog, oral history interview listing and much more) (Smithsonian)
CHIN Virtual Museum Canada (great online resource for Canadian art, offers extensive resources such as virtual exhibits and image galleries, in English and French) (Canadian Heritage Information Network)
17th century
Frère Luc/Claude François
St. Bonaventure (image and description of Luc's painting St. Bonaventure) (National Gallery of Canda)
18th century
William Berczy
William Berczy's Portraits of Joseph Brant (article and images, in English and French) (Gloria Lesser)
William Berczy (introduction to Berczy's life and work, includes image) (National Gallery of Canada)
19th century
Virtual Museum Canada The Yukon Photographers: The Gold Rush Era (site of images and biographies of photographers of the Yukon in the late 19th century, includes bibliography) (Yukon Heritage Branch)
Paul Kane
Paul Kane: Land Study, Studio View (online resource from the museum exhibition includes virtual tour, good introduction to Kane's life and work, bibliography and more) (Royal Ontario Museum)
Paul Kane (good images of Kane's paintings in the museum's collections) (National Gallery of Canada)
The United States
17th century
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith (introduction to Smith's life and work, includes images) (www.worcesterart.org)
18th century
Franklin and his Friends: Portraying the Man of Science in Eighteenth-Century America (online exhibition resource offers good information and images on 18th century portraiture) (National Portrait Gallery)
Joseph Blackburn
Joseph Blackburn (good introduction to Blackburn's life and work, includes images) (www.worcesterart.org)
Joseph Blackburn (images from the museum's collection, includes brief bibliography) (Harvard U. Art Museum)
Artcyclopedia Joseph Blackburn Online (links to online resources for Joseph Blackburn) (John Maylon)
John Singleton Copley
John Singleton Copley (introduction and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Web Museum, Paris John Singleton Copley (biography) (Nicolas Pioch)
Ralph Earl
Ralph Earl (introduction to Earl's life and work, includes images) (www.worcesterart.com)
Elijah Boardman (good image and description of Earl's portrait Elijah Boardman) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Matthew Pratt
Matthew Pratt (images and biography) (National Gallery of Art)
Matthew Pratt (image of Pratt's portrait Captain John Barry includes bibliography, provenance and more) (Memorial Art Gallery, U. of Rochester)
Gilbert Stuart
Gilbert Stuart (online feature explores highlights from the museum exhibition) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Tour: Gilbert Stuart (site explores works by Stuart in the museum's collection and offers an overview of his life and work) (National Gallery of Art)
Artcyclopedia Gilbert Stuart Online (online resources for Gilbert Stuart, includes extensive links to Stuart's works in museums and galleries worldwide) (John Maylon)
Benjamin West (American Painter, active England)
Web Museum, Paris Benjamin West (biography and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Web Gallery of Art Benjamin West (biography and images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Students of Benjamin West (introduction and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
19th century
American Masters from Bingham to Eakins (online feature for the exhibition of 19th century American painters from the John Wilmerding Collection, includes good resources and virtual exhibition tour) (National Gallery of Art)
Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Web Museum, Paris Mary Cassatt (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Felis Octavius Carr Darley
Darley Society (page devoted to "Victorian America's Most Famous Illustrator"; "illustrator of works by Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry W. Longfellow, James Fenimore Cooper," etc.)
Winslow Homer
Artchive Winslow Homer (introduction, images and bibliography) (Mark Harden)
Winslow Homer (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Theodore Robinson
Artcyclopedia Theodore Robinson Online (links to online resources for Theodore Robinson) (John Maylon)
Theodore Robinson (biography and bibliography) (National Gallery of Art)
John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery (site includes biography, extensive image gallery, catalogue of works, articles, and other resources) (Natasha Wallace)
Olga's Gallery John Singer Sargent (images and biography)
Artchive John Singer Sargent (introduction to Sargent's and work includes many images) (Mark Harden)
Artcyclopedia John Singer Sargent Online (lists of Sargent resources online includes article links, image archives, websites, and extensive list of works in museums and galleries worldwide) (John Maylon)
William Wetmore Story
Cleopatra (good image and description of the Story's Cleopatra sculpture) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
James McNeill Whistler
Mark Harden, James McNeill Whistler (review of exhibit at National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; with images) (Glyphs)
James McNeill Whistler (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Native North American Nations and Cultures
General Resources for Native North American Nations and Cultures
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet (index of resources includes indices for art and artists, museums, history, culture and more) (WWW Virtual Library, Karen Strom)
American Indian Resource Center (extensive online resource for American Indian culture and history, focuses on Indian communities in Virginia) (College of William and Mary)
Native American Indian Art (extensive information on Native American art includes museum collections and exhibitions, contemporary and historical art techniques and more) (Paula Giese)
American Indian History and Related Issues (website offers extensive overview of online resources for American Indian history, includes art information and many good images) (T. Johnson, California State U. Long Beach)
Native American Arts and Technology (site explores the art of the Eastern Woodland Indians from historical and contemporary perspectives, includes images, articles and other resources) (Native Tech)
The Official Hopi Cultural Preservation Office (homepage includes information on contemporary and historical Hopi arts and crafts, research guidelines, grant information and more)
17th century
18th century
19th century
Woven by the Grandmothers: 19th century Navajo Textiles (extensive introduction and images) (WETA)
A Nampeyo Pottery Showcase (introduction, good images, timeline, bibliography and other resources on the museum's pottery collection of Hopi-Tewa artist Nampeyo) (Arizona State Museum)

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